"EPF Projets" among the 30 best Junior Enterprises in France

Publié le 16/03/2016
Projets sceaux à nouveau parmi les 30 meilleurs Juniors entreprises

For the second year, "EPF Projets Sceaux", the Junior Enterprise of the Sceaux campus, joined the list of  the 30 best Junior Enterprises in France.

This ranking, which mixes Junior Enterprises from Engineering Schools and Business Schools, is realised by the CNJE (National Confederation of Junior Enterprises) and therefore rewards all "EPF Projets" members for the quality of their work , their reliability and involvment.

"This award was made possible by the work of previous mandates, and we have at heart to continue the momentum." said Chloe Gouerec, President of "EPF Projets Sceaux".