On Monday, August 29, EPF hosted on its campus in Troyes the first 10 students on its new program "China".

Challenge Handicap

300 students of EPF School of engineering have been challenged for 24 hours to find innovative solutions to make life easier for people with disabilities. Results: a sleepless night, thirty experts present and twenty innovative ideas.

Sandra Dodet

Sandra Dodet, student at EPF Montpellier, is also a sportswoman of high level. In late June, she will participate in the Triathlon European Championships.

Julien Gardan à Ankara

The EPF took part through the network n + i in the "Innovation Days" in Ankara (Turkey) on 4 and 5 May. This event was dedicated to young entrepreneurs, start-ups creators and of course students.

Aéro 3D - Projet du MSc innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship

The AERO 3D project, led by Benoît DAVID (EPF student of the MSc Innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship at Troyes) received congratulations from the jury during its last validation.

Projets sceaux à nouveau parmi les 30 meilleurs Juniors entreprises

For the second year, "EPF Projets Sceaux", the Junior Enterprise of the Sceaux campus, joined the list of  the 30 best Junior Enterprises in France.