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Permanent members

Fabien BESNARD - Assistant Professor -

PhD in Mathematics (University of Paris 7, 2000). “Agrégation” in Mathematics. Master degree in pure mathematics from University of Paris Sud.



Keywords: Causality in non-commutative geometry.  Physics and philosophy of time.


Mahdi CHEMKHI -  Assistant Professor -

Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials at the Higher School of Technical Sciences of Tunis (2008), Master in Mechanical Systems and Materials at the University of Technology of Troyes (2009), Doctorate in Mechanical System and Materials UTT (in the Laboratory of Mechanical Systems and Simultaneous Engineering - LASMIS) in 2014, ATER Section-60 at the UTT (2013 - 2014). Qualified in CNU sections 28, 33 and 60.
Mahdi CHEMKHI carries out his research at the Charles Delaunay Institute (Laboratory LASMIS) at the University of Technology of Troyes.
Research topics: Optimization of mechanical structures and improvement of the mechanical performances of parts resulting from Metallic Additive Manufacturing by SLM (Powder Metallurgy) by the development of mechanical and / or thermochemical surface treatments. Analysis and understanding of the relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties.

Keywords: Surface treatment, Additive metal fabrication, Materials selection and characterization, Fatigue, Tribology (wear and friction tests).

Maxime BOURGAIN - Assistant Professor -

Graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieur Cachan, Mechanical Engineering (2014), Master 2 teaching of ENS Cachan (2013), Associate of Industrial Sciences of Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (2014), Master 2 research of ENSAM Paris in biomechanics (2014), and PhD in biomechanics from ENSAM Paris (2018). Maxime BOURGAIN carries out his research at the Georges Charpak Institute of Human Biomechanics, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, at ENSAM Paris, in collaboration with INSEP, CERAH, the French Golf Federation and the French Tennis Table Federation. tHis research interests include biomechanical modeling of motion for health and performance, the personalized musculoskeletal approach using a multi-body optimization algorithm, and the dynamic measurement of motion by opto-electronic systems, force platforms and EMG.

Keywords: movement analysis, OpenSim, musculoskeletal modeling, personalization, EMG, health, performance.
Julien GARDAN -  Assistant Professor - 

Degree in Materials Engineering at the University of Reims (2004), Master “Engineering Production Assisted by Computer (CAPI)” at the University of Reims (2005), PhD in Mechanical Systems and Materials at UTT (LASMIS Laboratory) in 2011. Julien GARDAN carries out his research at the Charles Delaunay Institute (LASMIS Laboratory) at the University of Technology of Troyes.
Research topics: Study of rapid manufacturing and 3D scanning through new applications. Integration of the wood as a new material. Anthropocentric conception.

Keywords: Digital engineering, rapid manufacturing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, user-centered design.

Ali MAKKE - Assistant Professor -

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering at the Lebanese University Beirut (2006), Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering at INSA Lyon (2007), PhD in materials engineering at INSA Lyon (Laboratory MATEIS) and University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 UCBL - LPMCN Laboratory (2011), Lecturer at Claude Bernard University (2011) and the University of South Brittany, Lorient (2012).
Ali MAKKE carries out his research in collaboration with EPF.
 Research topics: Simulation of the mechanical behavior of materials at the molecular level. Study of the mechanical behavior of agro materials.

Keywords: simulation, finite element, molecular dynamics, polymers, copolymers blocks, initiation of damage (cracking, nucleation of cavities ...), parallel supercomputing.

Yazid MADI - Assistant Professor -

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineer, “Agrégation” in Civil Engineering, Master Structure-Materials Reliability. Course: PhD student at CEA / Saclay, France (1998-2001), Researcher at Centre des Matériaux, Mines ParisTech (2001-2002), High School Teacher (2003-2008), Assistant Professor at EPF (since 2008).
Yazid MADI carries out his research since 2008 in partnership with the Centre for Materials Pierre-Marie Fourt (Mines ParisTech) Research topics: Behavior, damage and fracture of metallic alloys. All activities, based on experimental and numerical approach, have to respond to industrial concerns in the areas of energy and transport. The main topics covered are: Fatigue: Influence of residual stress on crack propagation in alloys, low cycle fatigue of welded assemblies at high temperature taking into account its bi-material behavior, multiaxial fatigue of a steel pipeline. Ductile tear: study of a bi-material welded assembly (predicting the path of cracking) on the tensile strength, study of the anisotropic behavior, study of plastic deformation due to pre-process shaping of plates, mixed mode analysis by DIC (Digital Image Correlation) imaging techniques, plastic confinement effect of a steel pipeline, propagation of a crack in the thickness of a thin-walled aluminum alloy.

Keywords: metal alloys, damage, failure.

Joseph MARAE DJOUDA - Research Engineer -

Graduate student of University of Orléans in Advanced Materials and Technologies in 2012, Joseph continued in thesis at University of Technology of Troyes at the same year. He is Ph. D in Materials Mechanics Optics and Nanotechnologies in 2016. He conducted is thesis at the interface between Optics (Laboratory of Nanotechnology, Instrumentation and Optics, LNIO) and Mechanics (Laboratory of Mechanical Systems and Concurrent Engineering, LASMIS). The aim was to design a sensor for strain measurements at the nanoscale based in optical coupling of gold nanoparticles.  Joseph is currently doing his scientific activity in association with the Materials Center Pierre-Marie Fourt of Mines PARISTECH School. This mainly involves the delivery of studies in solid materials mechanics for industrial companies such as: ENGIE, TOTAL and SAIPEM. The behavior and mechanical damage of the pipeline steels are investigated both experimentally and numerically. Methods for assessment of strains in pipeline defects are also proposed.

Keywords: mechanical behavior of steel, damage, ductile failure, plasticity, finite element analysis, materials characterization.

Thomas PROVOT - Assistant Professor -

Thomas PROVOT graduated in 2012 with a degree in Engineering from the National School of Engineers of Metz and a M2R diploma in Mechanics, Materials, Structures and Processes awarded in partnership between the National School of Engineers Metz, the University of Lorraine and ENSAM ParisTech. He then obtained a PhD at the University of Reims Champagne Ardennes in the field of Mechanics dealing with the contribution of accelerometry for the quantified study of the mechanical drift of running against fatigue. Thomas PROVOT carries out his research at the Georges Charpak Institute of Human Biomechanics at the Arts et Metiers Paristech School of Engineering. His research activities concern the biomechanical study of performance criteria by measurement embedded in outdoor running.

Keywords: Sport, Embedded measurement, Fatigue.

Naman Recho est fondateur de l’équipe ERMESS (équipe de recherche en mécanique des matériaux et structures) en 2006 à l’EPF. Docteur Ingénieur (1980), Docteur d’Etat Es sciences Physiques (1987) de l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) - Paris VI. Professeur des Universités (1988). Depuis 1993, Professeur à l’UBP (Université Blaise Pascal) Clermont-II et à l’Institut Pascal. Délégation CNRS à l’UPMC (2005-2007). Fondateur (1986) de l’option Mécanique des Matériaux et Structures – MMS à l’EPF- Ecole d’ingénieurs à Sceaux. Professeur émérite à l’Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA)- institut Pascal depuis janvier 2017. Professeur honoraire (2015) et Conseiller Recherche à l’école depuis 2007. Autres activités : Professeur au CHEC (Centre des Hautes Etudes de la Construction - Paris) (1985-2017), Professeur invité «Guest Professor» à l’Université de Technologie de Hefei en Chine (depuis 2004), Professeur invité à Polytechnique de Turin en Italie dans le cadre de l’école doctorale (depuis 2010), Membre du comité d’experts de l’université d’Agder de Kristiansand en Norvège (depuis 2014). Ses activités de recherche concernent la mécanique linéaire et non-linéaire de la rupture, la fatigue des assemblages soudés et analyse probabiliste, les problèmes de rupture à partir de singularités géométriques et matérielles, et les critères de bifurcation de fissures dans des éléments de structures soumis à la fatigue.

Keywords: critères d’amorçage, propagation de fissure, microstructures et propriétés.

Jérémy ROUOT - Assistant Professor -

Jérémy Rouot obtained in 2013 a degree in engineering from Grenoble INP-Ensimag and a PhD in 2016 in applied mathematics from the University of Nice-Côte d'Azur in the field of optimal geometric control. He pursued a post-doctorate at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse on algebraic geometry techniques for optimal control problems. His research activities concern the Hamiltonian approach in fracture mechanics, and the study of muscular force-fatigue model in biomechanics.

Keywords: geometric optimal control, numerical methods, fracture mechanics.

Former members 

Laurent CHIN FOO : EPF-HEI PhD student (HEI-EPF PhD scholarship). Subject: "mechanical and failure singularities - experimental analysis, numerical modeling and model validation". Supervision: Naman RECHO (EPF), Jean-Marie NIANGA (HEI).

Duy Cuong NGUYEN : EPF-UTT PhD student (Regional CG 10 PhD scholarship). Subject: "Characterization of fiber/matrix interface. Application to polypropylene/hemp composite". Supervision: Ali MAKKE (EPF), Guillaume Montay (UTT).

Clement SORET : Mines ParisTech - EPF PhD student (TOTAL CIFRE PhD scholarship). Sujet : « Strain based design of pipelines ». Supervision : Yazid MADI (EPF), Jacques Besson (Mines-ParisTech).


Permanent members

Youcef BOUZIDI - Assistant-Professor -

Assistant professor University of technology of Troyes (UTT) since 2001 in the Department of physic, mechanic and nanotechnology. Researcher at UTT in the Centre of research and interdisciplinary studies on sustainable development (CREIDD), Joint Research Unit of CNRS. Specialist of the linking between energy and sustainable industrial systems. Assistant Professor at EPF. The research works of Youcef BOUZIDI are structured around the solutions adopted or encouraged by the industrial ecology, life cycle Analysis and eco-design in order to supply answers to industrial policy within the framework of a sustainable development. 

Keywords: industrial ecology, life cycle Analysis, eco-design.

Nicolas CAMARA - Assistant-Professor, Head of the ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT axis -

Nicolas Camara got in 2001 a Physics degree from the National School of Engineering at Marseille (Ecole Centrale Marseille) and in 2006 a PhD in GPEI laboratories (INP-Grenoble) and FORTH (University of Crete) Micro-Nano Electronics. From 2007 to 2010, Nicolas Camara performed a postdoctoral stay at the Barcelona Microelectronics National Center on topics related to innovative semiconductor materials for power electronics (Silicon Carbide) and nanoelectronics (Graphene). After a year as ATER at the University of Montpellier (Laboratory Charles Coulomb), he obtained in 2011 a position as Lecturer at the University of Tours and conducted his research at the GREMAN laboratory in the field of recovery of energy via piezoelectric nanowires.Since September 2016, Nicolas Camara has been performed its research at EPF Montpellier in collaboration with IES laboratory (University of Montpellier) for the implementation of micro energy sources, essential brick in the deployment of autonomous communicating sensors networks.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Energy Recovery.

Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER - Assistant-Professor -

Degree in chemistry at the University Denis Diderot Paris 7 (2003), Master of Science in electrochemistry at the University Denis Diderot Paris 7 (2004), PhD in Chemistry at the University of Orsay, Paris 11 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory (LCP) (2007), Study of charge transfer in photosynthetic proteins by electrochemistry and spectroscopy absorption change. Teaching assistant at the University of Orsay (2008) and the CNAM (2009), biosensor design molecular fingerprint for detection of pesticides by electrochemistry. Post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Perpignan (2010) in the design of biosensors for food toxin detection by electrochemistry, quartz microbalance and impedance. CHEAP-Hélène CHARPENTIER performs her research in the laboratory LISE (UMR CNRS 8235) at Sorbonne University (Paris, France).

Keywords: bio-inorganic chemistry, functionalized nanoparticles, scaling.

Antoine GADEMER - Assistant-Professor -

Antoine Gademer obtained in 2005 a degree from ESIEA Engineer. He then obtained a Master in Geographic Information Science (UMLV / ENSG) and a PhD in CGWG laboratories (University of Paris-Est) and ATIS (ESIEA) in the field of Geographic Information Science.
Antoine GADEMER performs its research at IES. His research activities are involved in the implementation of a complex sensor (heat, humidity…) designed by the IES Laboratory for mapping the EPF building of Troyes and a Montpellier building. This project will benefit from a carrier (rolling indoor, flying outdoors) able of ego-localization to automate and geotag the measurement.

Keywords: Algorithms and Programming, Digital Electronics, Remote Sensing, Micro Robotic Exploration (UGV, USV, UUV, UAV) Payload specialist, Image processing.  

Olivier HORNER - Assistant Professor (Accreditation to supervise research)

"Agrégé" of Chemistry of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (1993), PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Paris-Sud and CEA / Saclay on artificial photosynthesis (1998). Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University (1998-1999). Assisant Professor in bio-inorganic chemistry at CEA / Grenoble Joseph Fourier University for five years. Accreditation to supervise research (HDR) (2005). Research Engineer for eight years at EDF R&D in the field of corrosion and as a project manager in the fields of environmental chemistry and microbiology. CR1 Researcher at CNRS in the field of functionalized nanoparticles (2007). Olivier Horner performs his research in the laboratory LISE (UMR CNRS 8235) at Sorbonne University (Paris, France). Research topics: bio-inorganic chemistry, functionalized nanoparticles, scaling.

Keywords: calco-carbonate deposits, green scale inhibitors, SAXS, controlled rapid precipitation, DLS.

Benoit HUMBLOT - Assistant Professor (Accreditation to supervise research) -

Accreditation to supervise research (HDR) (2006) / Qualification as Associate Professor (2001) / PhD in Private Law (2000) / Certificate of Ability to be a Lawyer (2000) / Master of intangible creations Law (1996) / Master of international Trade (IAE) (1993). Benoit HUMBLOT carries out his research in partnership with the laboratory “Dynamique du Droit” (UMR UM1 CNRS 5815) at University of Montpellier.

Keywords: Trademark, patent, innovation, development, design, competition. 

Julien KAUFFMANN - Research Engineer -

Graduate of a Federal Certificate of Capacity (Switzerland) in chemical and pharmaceutical production technologist in 2010, a BTS in industrial control and automatic regulation in Troyes in 2012 and the engineering degree from the University of Technology of Compiègne in industrial process engineering in 2015. With experience in industry during his training and 3 years of teaching at the high school Lasalle in Troyes in the industrial sector, Julien Kauffmann joined the EPF Troyes to take the job of research engineer. It will be assigned to the BBC + TechLab and additive manufacturing TechLab.


Tony LOURTEAU - Study Engineer -

Master's Degree in Environmental Chemistry, Quality and Ecotoxicology at Bordeaux 1 University (2011) - Laboratory “Pavillon de l'Eau” ESITC Cachan (2012-2014) - LERES of the EHESP School (School of Higher Studies in Public Health ) in Rennes (2014) - Laboratory Pavillon de l'Eau ESITC Cachan (2015-2016). Tony LOURTEAU carries out his research at the LISE laboratory (UMR CNRS 8235) at the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) and at the Pavillon de l'Eau Campus ESTP. Research themes: Scaling, environmental analysis method, sample extraction.


Keywords: calcium carbonate deposits, green antitarter, controlled rapid precipitation, chromatography (Liquid and Gas) coupled with mass spectrometry (single or tandem), UV-Visible spectroscopy, polarography, Soxhlet and SPE.

Nadia MARTAJ - Assistant-Professor -

Nadia Martaj obtained a Master of Science and Technology in Energy in 2000 at the Faculty of Sciences and Techniques Casablanca (Morocco). She then obtained in 2004 a Master in Mechanical Engineering and Thermal at the University of Paris Ouest (Nanterre-La Défense). She received a PhD in 2008 at the laboratory LEME laboratory (power engineering, mechanics and electromagnetism laboratory) in the specialty Energy / Process Engineering. Since 2012, she is a teacher and researcher at the EPF Montpellier. Nadia MARTAJ currently conducts her research at GRESPI laboratory (URCA, France). Her research areas include simulation of thermal performance of buildings, photovoltaic cells, Stirling engines, energy optimizations and refrigeration machines.

Keywords: Simulation, Optimization, Stirling engine, Building Energy, Photovoltaic Cells, Renewable Energy.

Abdelatif MERABTINE - Assistant-Professor -

Abdelatif Merabtine received in 2008 an engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University (Algiers). He then obtained a Master degree in Energetics and Propulsion Aerospace at the University of Paris Ouest (Nanterre) and a PhD from the University of Lorraine (Nancy) in the field of energy the building.
Abdelatif Merabtine conducts its research at GRESPI laboratory (URCA, France). His research activities concern the study of the energy behavior of the envelope and energy systems related to the building for energy optimization.


Keywords: heat transfer, heat the building systems approach, building energy efficiency. 

Julia MOUTON - Assistant-Professor -

Graduated in fundamental chemistry at the University of Montpellier (2000), Master of Science in Materials Chemistry and interfaces of the University of Montpellier (2002), higher study diploma specializing in risk prevention and university technology nuisances Marseille (2003), PhD in water sciences at the National Institute for Scientific Research - Water Centre, Earth and Environment Quebec (Canada) - sanitation Laboratory (2008) in the field of soil pollution in mixed contamination (HAP-metal), research engineer (post-doc) to INERIS (2008-2010) on quantitative assessment of health risks towards polluted soils (speciation and bio availability of antimony and arsenic), Lecturer at University of Paris-Est Marne la Vallée - Laboratory geomaterials and Environment (2010-2011). Julia MOUTON performs her research at Centre des Matériaux (Ecole des Mines d’Ales, France). Research topics: management of contaminated land (from diagnosis to rehabilitation), treatment and recovery of metals (recent activity), characterization of polluted environments, development of analytical method and sustainable treatment processes.

Keywords: pollution, processing, process, mixed pollution, material recovery, quantitative chemical analysis, speciation, quantitative assessment of health risks.

Sandrine PINCEMIN - Assistant-Professor -

Sandrine Pincemin received in 2002 an Engineering degree in Mechanical Specialty Energetics at Polytechnic School of Marseille. She then obtained in 2007 a PhD in Process Engineering at PROMES laboratory (Perpignan) the field of composite materials with high energy performance for energy storage. She worked from 2007 to 2012 as an engineer at CSTB Studies & Research Division Renewable Energies in the field of energy storage (Thermal and Electric) for the buildings with low energy and positive energy. Sandrine PINCEMIN currently conducts her research in the IES laboratory (UMR CNRS 5214) at the University of Montpellier. Her research interests concern the production of electricity by photovoltaic solar cell concentration, and the building Mediterranean (identifying the needs of the Mediterranean building, cold production in the Mediterranean region, and thermal / electrical modeling of the Mediterranean building and optimization).

Keywords: Simulation, optimization, solar cells concentration, Energetics Building, Renewable Energy.

Christophe RODIET - Assistant-Professor -

In 2010, Christophe RODIET obtained a Master's Degree in Physics and Engineering in Energy Conversion at the University of Reunion in partnership with the Ecole Nationale Supérieurs d'Electricité et de Mechanique (ENSEM, University of Lorraine). Then in 2014, in parallel with an ATER at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines in Nancy (ENSMN, University of Lorraine), he obtained a Doctorate in Energy Mechanics from the University of Lorraine  with specialty in thermal transfer (thermal metrology by multi-spectral thermography and thermal characterization of anisotropic and / or multilayer materials). From 2014 to 2015 he completed a postdoctoral stay at the University Institute of Industrial Thermal Systems (IUSTI, Aix-Marseille University, CNRS, UMR 7343, Marseille) in partnership with the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique (LMA, Aix- Marseille University, CNRS, UPR 7051, Marseille). Then, from 2015 to 2016 he carried out some post-doctoral stuides at the Institute of Materials Jean Rouxel (IMN, University of Nantes, CNRS, UMR 6502, Nantes) in partnership with the Thermokinetics Laboratory of Nantes (LTN, University of Nantes, CNRS, UMR 6607, Nantes). Finally, he joined EPF Montpellier in September 2016. Christophe RODIET is currently performing its research at Institut d’Electronique et des Systèmes (IES, University of Montpellier, CNRS, UMR 5214). His fields of research concern thermal characterization by inverse regularized methods of thin films (photovoltaic solar cells with "CPV" concentration, supergrids...), estimation of heat sources within the CPV, as well as optical measurement (thermography) of the temperature range of the CPVs in operation. 

Keywords: Thermal transfer, Thermal metrology, Multi-Spectral Thermography, Thermal characterization (thin films, anisotropic and / or multilayer materials), Inverse methods and regularization, Thermal and thermomechanical sources estimation or Optimization, Concentrated solar cells.

Non permanent members

Aliénor DAGORY: PhD student in Law / Responsible for innovation studies (Pole Innovation & Competitiveness Clusters / Arist) to the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Topic: "The purpose of the patent". Joint supervision: Benoit HUMBLOT (EPF), Agnès ROBIN (University of Montpellier).

Lysiane TENDIL: PhD student in Law. Subject: "The financialization of patents". Joint supervision: Benoit Humblot (EPF), Mélanie Bourassa FORCIER (University of Sherbrooke - Canada).

Manel GRITLI: PhD student in co-supervision Sorbonne University / University of Tunis El Manar. Subject: "Protection of carbon steel against scaling by non-toxic polymer treatment and doping with copper and zinc cations". Supervision: Olivier HORNER (EPF), Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Hubert PERROT (LISE), Yasser BEN AMOR (Tunis El Manar University).

Bastien POLITI: PhD student in Energetics. Thesis CIFRE with the company BAP, leader of co-working in France. Subject: "Manufacture and optimization of ambient energy recovery prototypes to energetically empower communicating wireless touch tablets". Supervision: Nicolas CAMARA (EPF), Alain FOUCARAN (IES, University of Montpellier).

Leopold KRITLY: PhD student in Acoustics. Thesis in co-supervision with the University of Leuven (KU Leuven R & D, Belgium). Supervision: Monika RYCHTARIKOVA (Leuven), Antoine GADEMER (EPF, main EPF supervisor), Jeremy ROUOT (EPF).

Lysiane TENDIL: PhD student in Law / Responsible for innovation studies (Pole Innovation & Competitiveness Clusters / Arist) to the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Topic: "The purpose of the patent". Joint supervision: Benoit HUMBLOT (EPF), Agnès ROBIN (University of Montpellier).

Former members

Hana BERRICHE: Trainee AgroParisTech (industrial financing). Subject: "Study of the scaling properties of the water of an ozonation tank". Supervision: Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Olivier HORNER (EPF), Hubert PERROT (LISE), Jean LEDION (Arts et Métiers ParisTech).

Yann CHEMINEAU: ESCOM Student (industrial funding). Topic: « Investigation of fouling of immersion heaters in the absence or presence of inhibitors ». Supervision: Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Olivier HORNER (EPF), Hubert PERROT (LISE), Jean LEDION (Arts et Métiers ParisTech)

William GHIASSI: EPF 4th year EPF Student (industrial funding). Topic: "Effect of a selection of calcium carbonate inhibitors on mineral deposits ". Supervision : Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Olivier HORNER (EPF), Jean Ledion (Arts et Métiers ParisTech).

Alix VAUDE: EPF 4th year Student (industrial funding). Topic: "Mineral Deposits and green Antiscalants". Supervision: Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Jean Ledion (Arts et Métiers ParisTech).

Marie CHAUSSEMIER: Master 2 Student from University of Paris 5 (industrial funding). Topic: "Green Antiscalants". Supervision: CHEAP-Hélène CHARPENTIER (EPF), Olivier HORNER (EPF).

Alexandre DAVESNES: EPF 4th year Student (industrial funding). Subject: "Study of calco-magnesian deposits". Supervision: Olivier HORNER (EPF), Hubert Perrot (CNRS).

Dimitri PERONNO: EPF 4th year Student (EPF –LISE co-funding). Topic: "Using the Fast Controlled Precipitation method and quartz microbalance to study the scaling phenomenon." Supervision: Hubert Perrot (CNRS), Olivier Horner (EPF), Hélène Cheap-Charpentier (EPF).

Ermane POURMOHTASHAM: EPF 4th year Student (industrial funding). Topic: "bibliographic work on green scale inhibitors". Supervision: Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER (EPF), Olivier HORNER (EPF), Jean Ledion (Arts et Métiers ParisTech).