The research areas of the EPF involve several international collaborations, especially:

  • China: research agreements were signed with the University of Hefei (Anhui), particularly on the subject of singularities and the harmfulness of defects,
  • Norway: an Erasmus agreement and scientific research collaboration has been established with the University of Grimstad (Prof. Tom Lassen),
  • Canada: an educational and research cooperation has been established with the University of Sherbrooke. A research collaboration with exchanges of faculty, was also established with the BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology, Laboratory PART) in the field of orthotics by conducting additive manufacturing).
  • Italy: two Erasmus contracts were signed, one with the University of Udine and the other with Turin Polytechnic in the SCUDO - Scuola di Dottorato (Graduate School);
  • Germany: a collaboration is being developed with the University of Paderborn (Prof. Dr. Huber).
  • USA: a research collaboration with exchanges of faculty, was established with Texas A&M University (TAMU) in the field of aerospace alloys.


EPF has developed industrial partnerships (services, PhD thesis) to add value to its research and aim to enhance the self-financing of his research.

In this respect, EPF is strengthening its industrial partnerships in the fields of mechanics (TOTAL, ENGIE) and chemistry (SEB-CALOR, ATLANTIC) through co-patenting and common international publications.

Industrial collaborations