ICT Major (Paris Campus)


Information systems architecture, development, and administration

This specialisation is designed to train top-level IT engineers who are perfectly in line with what companies expect. These graduates are excellent specialists with a solid general education. 


These graduates are excellent specialists with a solid general education. This double set of skills may seem contradictory at first, but this is not the case. EPF students' initial general coursework helps them to become flexible and adaptable. With these combined qualities, they can easily adapt to nearly any professional situation they come across. Their specialized coursework gives them technical training as well as the intellectual maturity and perspective they need to become true IT specialists.

The coursework is project-based, with actual clients from outside the school who expect results from the students.

In the first and second periods, progress meetings are held weekly. To set the objectives for the week ahead and discuss any delays meeting previous objectives. After each meeting, the minutes are drawn up, including the meeting date, number, distribution list, etc.

There are two additional projects with the purpose of developing students' focus on results:

  • A project aimed at producing a commercial and financial study – potential target, development period, costs, etc. based on a common theme. The students are divided into small teams of two or three people and put forward their own project subjects related to the theme.
  • The second project  involves freeware

Lastly, students take an initiation course in business and finance to study subjects such as budgets and investments and the financial markets

Students also do an internship in their final term (from January to June).

At the end of this specialized degree programme, students from have no problem finding jobs that suit their individual preferences, in companies of all sizes, user companies and IT engineering service providers. These graduates are given responsibilities in areas as varied as banking, development, IT security, project management, and contracting assistance.


>> Students may go on to work in a variety of sectors:

  • Financial institutions (insurance companies, banks, etc.)
  • Industrial companies' in-house IT departments
  • IT engineering service providers
  • Administrations

>> EPF engineers from this department are extroverted, exacting, dynamic, down-to-earth and disciplined, and their work is highly valued in different areas of the IT sector:

  • System and network administrator
  • Information systems architect
  • Contractor and client project management
  • Application development
  • IT systems integration
  • Information systems migrator
  • Software quality
  • Information systems security management
  • Enterprise architect