The jobs of tomorrow are to invent because they do not exist yet. To choose the EPF generalist engineer training is to become the versatile engineer who will adapt to new environments and trades. After 3 years of general education, the EPF course opens to 7 majors to allow each and every one to build their professional project and to develop their skills.



Aeronautics and Space : Our generalist engineers are taught broader skills related to aerospace vehicle design.

Structures and Materials : Looks at a wide range of materials used in general structures, with specific focuses on civil engineering, automobile manufacture, the naval industry or offshore.

Engineering & Digital Technologies : Trains generalist engineers who can make wise use of new information and communication technologies through a cross-disciplinary understanding of the workplace. 

Engineering & Management : Trains generalist engineers in cross-disciplinary industrial engineering in both technical issues and management, with a double focus on: production and supply chain management, as well as corporate management and strategic analysis. The students learn to negotiate large-scale projects in France and abroad.

Engineering & Health: The foundations of health sciences, healthcare IT systems, legal and economic issues, smart home systems for home healthcare, the latest telemedicine tools and medical imaging.


Energy & Environment: Trains engineers interested in new issues related to energy production, transport and distribution and its impact on the environment. Engineers who are individually and socially responsible and capable of selling and implementing the sustainable solutions of the future.


Buildings & Eco-Cities : This original training in the construction and renovation of buildings answer to a growing need for Engineers at consultancies, architecture firms, local authorities, construction groups, companies specialising in design or innovation in materials.


In the last year of study (5th year), students also have the opportunity to integrate the Master of Science Innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship (accessible after all majors).

EPF also offers 5th year students access to a research master's degree or a master's degree in a foreign university and thus obtain a double degree.

In France, the school has privileged partnerships among others with:

  • UTT: Master of Science, Technology & Health (7 accessible majors) - Research Master
  • Paris V, Paris XIII and Rennes I: Master in Biomedical Informatics, Master in Biomedical Engineering
  • UPMC - Paris VI: Master in Energy and Environment
  • University of Evry-Val d'Essonne: Master of Finance, majors : Banking-Finance / Risk Management and Assets
  • INSTN: Atomic Engineering
  • HEI Lille - EIGSI La Rochelle: semester 9 can be followed in another school of the generalist engineering schools Network IngéFrance.
  • See the list of possible conjoint degree courses in France