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International non-degree seeking students

Bilateral and ERASMUS exchanges

Applications are centralised and sent by the partner university; if you would like to spend a semester or two at EPF, please contact your university's international department to find out how to apply. Your application will then be sent to us, and you will receive notice of admission by mail.


International Summer School on Smart Cities

Each year in June/July EPF organizes a vibrant Summer School for International Students. Students from all over the world can get in-depth knowledge on a French Tech topic in an international learning environment.
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French As a Foreign Language Summer Program

International student can improve their French Language Skills in our French As A Foreign Langauge Summer Program (FLE).
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Virtual Tech Camp

Participating in the EPF Virtual Tech Camp is an unique opportunity for students and interested audience to discover within 5 days, many fundamental disciplines in Engineering sciences taught at EPF Graduate School of Engineering. 
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