AERONAUTICS AND SPACE | EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs


Aeronautics and space

This specialisation gives the requisite and necessary knowledge in aerodynamics, space mechanics, materials, structural analysis, propulsion, flight mechanics applied to design of different types of vehicle: aircraft, helicopter, missile, launcher, drone and satellite.

These courses are represented by design offices and 2 major projects:

  • Project of design and performance analysis of military aircraft
  • Project of satellite launcher design

By the end of this specialisation, the graduates can take full advantage of their engineering studies, to develop and acquire operational and technical skills, using the techniques, methods and constraints characteristic of a professional course.



  • Technical design office engineer,
  • Aeronautical and aerospace systems engineer,
  • Aeronautical maintenance engineer,
  • R&D consultant engineer,
  • Sales engineer,
  • Engineer managing transversal projects.