APPRENTICESHIP | EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs



EPF offers 2 three-year apprentiscehip programmes in Sceaux & Montpellier that lead to a CTI-accredited EPF engineering degree in Industrial and Information Systems.
These programmes teach students cross-disciplinary skills and how to work with the information systems behind industrial and service organisation software packages (ERP, PLM, CRM, SCM). 


EPF has made diversity and social awareness a key part of its recruiting policy for several years now.

EPF's apprenticeship course students embody not only the school's commitment to their theoretical training, but the company's commitment to civic-mindedness and helping young people join the workforce.


General skills:

  • Gathering information and using the data needed to resolve the issues at hand.
  • Writing summary reports on their work and training.
  • Working effectively and showing an engineer's attitude.
  • Organising and steering their efforts with co-workers.

Practical skills:

  • Meeting the industrial objectives of the work.
  • Using the tools and methods appropriate for the work.
  • Producing high-quality technical work that meets the company's specifications.


To encourage companies to take on this commitment, there are legal provisions for companies that take on apprenticeship course students.

These companies benefit from:

  • Exemptions from fiscal and social security costs
  • An " Apprenticeship" tax credit
  • A regional bonus (depending on the region where the student is employed).

Apprenticeship also provide human resources benefits. Each student quickly becomes an operational staff member, trained in the company's methods and culture. This programme trains engineers with a solid technical knowledge base and an awareness of the realities of their professional area; they are apt to work in line with technical changes, to manage projects and lead teams, to understand the corporate world and adapt to business developments.

What a great opportunity for companies!

Note: The Apprenticeship programme is available to student living in France (with the equivalent of the french Bac+2 / Bac +3) and speaking french.