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International students from outside the European Union who plan on studying more than 3 months in France must have a Visa. They must get their visas before leaving, because they cannot request visas once they are in France. 

Since June 1, 2009, long-stay visas have been issued instead of residence permits. These new VLS-TS visas, issued for stays of 91 days or more in France, offer the following characteristics:

  • Free circulation within the Schengen area, French overseas départements and St Pierre and Miquelon (does not include other French territories)
  • Serves as a "residence permit", with the student authorised to stay as long as the visa is valid.

All requests for this type of visa must include an original OFII (Office française de l’Immigration et de l’Integration - French immigration and integration office) form, with the top part completed by the applicant when the application is filed. This form will be approved and stamped if accepted and returned to the applicant. It is available for download on the OFII site.

Citizens of countries subject to the CEF procedure must submit their visa requests online, using their country's Campus France section. The list of concerned countries is accessible on the Campus France website.

Students from other countries must still go through the French Embassy in their country. 
The following documents must be provided:

  • Valid passport
  • Letter of admission to EPF
  • Proof of financial resources, around €430 / month (letter from the student's parents or scholarship certificate)
  • Long-stay visa request form
  • OFII certificate request form.

You may be asked to provide other documents (depending on the country where you make your request). We strongly recommend getting information from the Campus France office in your country or from the nearest consulate to get information on the specific requirements applicable to you.

Students can check

Citizens of the European Union are exempt from visas and residence permits.

- Please note: if you are studying in an EU country but you are not a citizen of that country, you still need to request a student visa for France.



Students with long-stay visas must complete the OFII form and send an original copy to the OFII within 3 months of arriving in France. EPF's Student Life Office will collect these forms in the orientation meeting and send them to the OFII all at once.

The OFII will then call the students in for their medical exams and to approve their visas.

You must bring:

  • your passport
  • proof of address (rent slip, lease, water, gas, electricity or landline telephone bill in your name, or letter from your host) 
  • a valid passport photo (from the front, head uncovered) 
  • a €55 OFII stamp

The OFII stamps the passport to certify that these formalities have been taken care of. If these formalities are not completed, the visa is no longer valid, and the visa holder loses all rights that come with the visa and may be deported.


EPF renews residence permits for students staying more than one year and who report to the Sous Préfecture in Antony; please contact the Student Life Office two months before your visa or first residence permit expires.

The following documents are required (subject to change):

  • Valid passport (photocopy of pages with name, photo, validity dates, visa and date of arrival in France)
  • Former residence permit
  • Signed CERFA form
  • 5 ID photos (recent, head uncovered, from the front, not scanned)
  • Enrolment certificate (provided by EPF),
  • Grade transcript (provided by EPF),
  • Proof of financial resources (bank statements for the past 6 months),
  • proof of housing (certificate from your university residence or lease contract),

Students spending two non-consecutive terms at EPF must submit a new application for their second term and request a new visa from the OFII