EPF Graduate School fo Engineering proposes some courses entirely taught in English.

International students will join students from EPF for a challenging year or semester. All of our professor are English speaking professionals or fluent in English, coming from all over the world (Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa).

The Engineering Management Major goes from January to end June (4th year – M1) and Business Decision Engineering Specialisation goes from September to end December (M2).

Goals: to train general engineers in both technical issues and management, so they learn to negotiate large-scale projects in France and abroad.

It is from September to end December (5th year - M2)

Goals: to train general engineers who are individually and socially responsible and capable of selling and implementing the sustainable solutions of the future.

It goes from september to end of May, followed by an internship of 6 months.

Goals: prepare students to face the fast changing global environment and teach them how to innovate, launch and handle complex projects within transversal teams. They will work on real projects of innovative companies.