There are several different ways for international students to obtain EPF engineering degrees, depending on their level of study, their level of the language, and their origin (partner university or not).

In some cases, students participate in a special programme, but in most cases, they take the same curriculum as French students and have the same criteria for obtaining their degree (end of study project, language requirements, etc.).


EPF signed its first double degree agreements several years ago, and it grants degrees to an increasing number of international students through these programmes.

There are currently 4 degree programmes through which international students can obtain EPF degrees alongside degrees from their home university:

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico
  • Universidad del País Vasco in Spain 
  • Université du Quebec Chicoutimi in Canada (Master's degree in IT + Master's degree in organizational management)

For the other degree programmes, students come to EPF in their 4th year (M1) and take a full course schedule with French students admitted under the "admission sur titre" system. They then go on to 5th year/M2 classes and do their end of study project (internship).


The n+i programme is open to students with bachelor's degrees who want to obtain a French engineering degree. These students may apply online and are then recruited by one of the network's 75 member schools.

The n+i applicants recruited by EPF first take intensive French classes over the summer before taking preparatory coursework (on the premises of a network partner school). They then come to EPF at the start of their 4th year (M1) and continue for their entire 5th year of study (M2).


Students with foreign degrees may be accepted to EPF on a case-by-case basis. According to the student's application and level of study, they may be admitted in the 1st to the 4th year (M1), but no later than that. Applicants join the generalist programme and must meet the same degree criteria as French students.