EPF's alumni network, the AEPF, connects more than 10 000 graduates from all Service Industry sectors in 44 countries.

AepfThe AEPF (Association des Elèves et Anciens de l’Ecole Polytechnique Féminine -- EPF Alumni and Student Association) was founded in 1938 to foster ties between Alumni who graduated from 1927 to today. It hopes to encourage professional and personal networking, promote our curriculum in the business world and support alumni with job searches, career management, professional networking and social activities.

The AEPF has a representative to the EPF Foundation, the Continuing Training Board,  the CNISF (France's national science and engineering board) and to several women's organisations that work to continually improve our school's programmes and support women's role in business and society.


  • The directory is a key reference for engineers in their contact with recruiting firms and companies hiring engineers.
  • The Career and Jobs Service regularly issues notices of job offers the association receives.
  • AEPFlash, the association's newsletter, publishes notices of debates, lectures and other useful information.
  • The website www.aepf.fr  is a full source of instant information on all the association's activities.
  • The Coaching Commission helps association members live up to their full potential
  • Professional insurance is available through CNISF