WHAT SETS EPF APART | EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs

Key Information


There are many reasons to choose EPF. We have selected 10 essential points for our students and companies that recruit EPF engineering graduates.

1.    A truly well-rounded engineering degree

EPF trains well-rounded generalist engineers in a 5-year programme. On top of this title, which is mentioned on our CTI-authorized diplomas, our graduates are capable of adapting to business and technological changes and to their future employers' strategies. Our generalist engineers learn to master a wide spectrum of skills so that they can manage complex projects and oversee fundamental developments.

2.    An excellent professional integration

Last year, 95% of our graduates found a job within less than 4 months. Their average gross annual starting salary was €37,000, rising to €45,000 after 3 years of experience. These remarkable figures rank EPF among the best engineering schools in terms of salary, demonstrating its generalist engineers' potential for growth.

3.    A remarkable international opening

In today's globalised world, our international focus is one of the strengths of our programme: more than 150 international partners universities, at least one semester of studies abroad, 2 mandatory foreign languages, bi-national and double-degrees.

4.    A gradual specialization

At EPF, no two students share the exact same ambitions, dreams, passions or skills. For this reason, our curriculum is tailored to every student's needs, with new courses and projects each year, so that they can discover different fields of engineering. After a general 3-year core curriculum, engineering students make a choice between 8 majors in their 4th year.

Although students' majors often determine their first job, EPF engineers can steer their career towards a variety of fields at any time, thanks to their well-rounded generalist education.

5.  An important entrepreneurial culture

EPF has been rewarded for its entrepreneurial culture, thanks to a double status "student & entrepreneur", that allows students with entrepreneurship ideas to start their project and also continue their studies, and a specific programme : MSc Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship.

6.   A reassuring privileged setting

EPF's students have the choice between 3 beautiful campuses in Sceaux (close to Paris), Montpellier (south of France) and Troyes (East of France), where they can fully enjoy their student years. They have several housing options available: university residences or student housing, rented rooms, individual studios or apartments near the school.

7.   A dynamic student life

EPF has more than 50 student organisations in a variety of fields (humanitarian, international, sports, technology...). Students take an active part in EPF's organisations, including sports groups, recreational or cultural activities, events and excursions, and humanitarian or volunteer work.

8.   A concrete training that leads to professional qualification

At EPF, we regularly expose our engineering students to professional situations, through case studies and a project-based approach that corresponds to the reality of the workplace. Students must complete 4 internships of at least 12 months combined to gain their degrees. This makes future EPF engineers attuned to the needs of the business world.

9.    A close relationship with businesses

EPF's faculty includes more than 650 instructors recognised for their skills. EPF's relations with companies also include site visits, lectures, meetings and forums, teaching actions, "Serious Games," CV workshops and privileged partnerships (class sponsoring, participation in the school's Continuing Education Board and its Board of Directors, etc.).

10.    A strong identity, more than 90 years of expertise

EPF has a rich history that all our students, and our +11 500 alumni, identify with. The school's pioneering spirit and the challenges it has lived up to since 1925 are part of its DNA, as are its commitment to societal responsibility and sustainable development.