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For many years, EPF has formed privileged relationships with French and international industry and business players, to give its students an education that meets companies' needs.

Aline Counet-Bourdon

Aline Counet-Bourdon, from Bouygues Construction, sponsoring the EPF Class of 2016


For more than 60 years, EPF has shown mutual trust for its partner companies, based on their recognition for our well-rounded engineers' professional merit. 
A testimony to this mutual relationship between the school and companies, several large groups (EADS, EDF, GrDF and Dassault Aviation) serve on EPF's Board of Directors and its continuing education board.
They play an active role in setting out the academic curriculum and providing advice on majors and coursework (more than 400 professionals take part in courses), taking part in professional conferences, sponsoring classes and hosting students.


This special relationship between the company and EPF is the result of our school's serious professional integration policy, backed by a department dedicated to the issue.
This entity is in charge of preparing engineering students for professional insertion. It organises conferences with large corporations and prepares our students for the workplace (CV/resume coaching and interview preparation).


One of the highlights of EPF's year is the Corporate Forum held annually in October.
It gathers more than 40 exhibitors from all sectors (aeronautics, telecommunications, IT, construction, environment, finance, etc.) and 450 visitors, looking for an internship or a job offer. It gives engineering companies the chance to recruit well-rounded prospects at the source.

Please note that the Forum is also open to foreign companies.


Starting at the beginning of the 2009 academic year, EPF now offers 2 apprenticeship engineering trainings in Sceaux and Montpellier. With an enrolment of 60 students with 2 years' post-secondary experience (30 students on each campus), it prepares future Industrial and Information Systems engineers through a CTI-accredited curriculum that combines coursework and on-the-job training.
These programmes provide the chance for privileged cooperation with industry players from around Paris and from the South of France.


In addition to training well-rounded engineers, one of EPF's primary concerns is making its students capable of being adaptable and operational in the workplace.
To meet this goal, it has included several approved internships in its programme, throughout the curriculum. Internship projects are done upon the company's request, in France or abroad. Students are assisted by the internship department and advised by an EPF professor and supervised by an engineer from the company. 

EPF gives its students the possibility to experience life in the workplace, alongside seasoned engineering companies in line with their needs.

Exchange Students have access to internships during their academic period.