The international dimension of EPF's generalist engineering degree is one of our great strengths. We have excellent relationships with our academic partners around the world, thanks to our decisions and our constant concern for being open towards the outside world.

In addition to our students' obligation to spend a semester abroad, EPF has developed bi-national degree programmes that testify to our open spirit and our strong ties with international partners.

EPF has one programme with Germany and an original programme with Quebec.

Both degree programmes are accessible starting in the first year, following a specific exam.


Drapeau AllemagneAre you a secondary school student with a focus on Science and studying German, who likes science and international experiences? Become an Executive Engineer in 5 years and help improve performance in international industrial corporations.

French-German degree in production and automation.



Drapeau QuébecHave you ever dreamed about living on an American-style campus and experience abroad starting in your second year?

Take part in EPF's France-Quebec programme, in partnership with the Université de Sherbrooke's Mechanical Engineering department!