EPF and ESTP Paris are two Engineering Schools with a very high reputation for their degree program.
EPF organised its first language courses in 1992 to better prepare its foreign students to study in France. In 1998, ESTP linked up with EPF to provide its exchange students with the same linguistic and cultural preparation.

The seminar prepares the students for their engineering studies in France which includes not only numerous cultural and linguistic aspects but also a scientifically oriented curriculum.
Our instructors are specialists in the French language or teachers who are qualified in scientific disciplines and who can present the different methodological approaches used in France.

Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, our Summer program moved into an online intensive course instead.  It will bring together ideal conditions to learn French language and discover French culture as well as the French education system.

Although this program is highly recommended for computer and engineering students, it is also open to other students, administrators and teaching staff who are interested in improving their French. 

Don’t be shy, join us now! 

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To facilitate integration of international students in Engineering French schools we provide them with an E-learning tutorial course called PADEN. PADEN is a complement of our French for engineers programs.

Learning objectives:

  • To develop strategies to understand the methodology implied in French scientific courses as well as cultural awareness
  • To understand both how the courses works and the expectations of science teachers in French higher education (works and class participation)
  • To appreciate the approach to teaching and learning in France compared with other countries

PADEN will enable students to understand the social interaction in French scientific curricula

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