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Although there are many cultural aspects integrated into this course, the emphasis is based on a solid language training for people studying or working in the field of Engineering and Computer Science. Course attendance and serious study is mandatory.

The program is divided into 3 parts

  • The first and largest part is devoted to improving French language skills.
  • The second part of the program introduces the participant to the French approach to engineering and technical vocabulary.
  • The third one is an introduction to France and includes brief courses on intercultural issues, France's past and present, and museum visits.
  • A tourism module is not included in this program. The museum and historical site visits that appear on the schedule are included only to illustrate specific points described in the lectures. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to arrange their own tourism before/after the program and on weekends.

Our courses are in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Two courses will be held:

  • Winter course from February to May 2020.
  • Summer course from July 06th to September 4th, 2020. It is possible to attend for shorter periods (minimum 2 weeks).
Language programs July 06th to September 4th 2020 From February to May 2019
Absolute beginners starting day July 13th or August 3rd 2020  -
More advanced students starting day

July 13th or August 3rd, 17th 

Total amount of hours per week 25 hours minimum  Custom-made courses
ECTS credits

8 weeks = 8 ECTS
6 weeks = 6 ECTS
4 weeks = 4 ECTS
2 weeks = 2 ECTS


Summer program:

Students following the complete 8 weeks, 160-hours course, may earn 8 ECTS credits.

  • Classes are held at EPF - 46/60 rue du Lycée, 92330 Sceaux and/or at ESTP in Cachan - 28 Avenue Président Wilson 94230 Cachan.


Morning and afternoon clesses are mixed with French language courses, French culture and civilization and all the specific subjects mentioned below: 

Scientific vocabulary courses in French (Maths, Physics, Mechanics, etc.)

  • Engineering sciences
  • Conversation groups, drama, role-playing games and films in original version
  • Cultural and scientific visits
  • French for University studies (CV, cover letter and methodology of university works)
  • French tutoring sessions
  • Wine tasting
  • Sports, cinema

All courses are compulsory to earn the total amount of ECTS credits.

Each class will have around 15/20 students.

A written and oral placement test will be completed upon arrival. We offer several levels of language. These tests are not graded. Their sole purpose is to determine your level and place you in the appropriate group. Written and oral exams are given at midterm and classes are re-organized according to the results. Final exams are given at the end of the term.

Language professors are university graduates with a solid experience in teaching French as a foreign language and they possess knowledge of foreign cultures which gives them a better understanding of their students. Technical classes are taught by EPF and ESTP professors. Students have the opportunity to acquire a solid background in scientific vocabulary (Maths, Physics, Mechanics, Computer Science etc.) to allow them to begin their further education in France with no language barriers.

Cultural classes are given by a variety of guest university lecturers.

5 or 6 hours of classes per day is the average. It is a typical school day spent in a French institution. During our Summer and Winter programs, we always leave one or two free afternoons in the schedule to allow students to enjoy their stay in Paris. Experience shows that students’ comprehension level improves very quickly. It is a very gratifying experience.

Attendance is very important in the French school system. We only deliver ECTS credits to students who follow the whole program.

Academic transcripts and certificates are issued at the end of the program.