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Practical Information


If you are interested in joining our Summer French Language Programme 2020, please fill in the registration online at the following link:

Payments are due 3 weeks prior to arrival.

Please note :

Classes begin on July 20th at 9:00 at EPF - on line


  • From ESTP Paris: Take the B line of the RER to Robinson, and stop at Sceaux station. 
  • From Paris: Take the B line of the RER to Robinson and stop at Sceaux station.


  • From EPF: Take the B line of the RER to Paris and stop at Arcueil Cachan station.
  • From Paris: Take the B line of the RER to Robinson or Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse and stop at Arcueil Cachan station.


Housing in a family

We have an agreement with several agencies that provide accommodation with Parisian families. We strongly recommend that students should choose this option as it is the best way to improve their conversational skills in French. Please contact us for more information.

Student Hall of Residence

Student Hall of Residence can be found in different locations in Paris (like La Cité Internationale Universitaire) or in Parisian suburbs ( All have direct train connections to EPF and ESTP, as well as to the centre of Paris. 

The Cité Internationale Universitaire brings together 37 French and international halls of residence in a 34 hectare-park located in the south of Paris (Train and tube station "Cité Universitaire" - RER B). 

Like a campus, the Cité Internationale Universitaire offers, apart from lodgings, a set of resources, equipment and services for students related to everyday life, to sports and culture, for the use of both international students and French citizens, whether or not they live in the halls of residence. Prices may vary from one house to another.

In Winter, students may be accommodated in a host family. Please contact us for more information:

Single bedroom + breakfast 35€ (price may vary depending on the geographical zoning) per night.

In Summer, students can be housed at the ESTP Student Residence "Maison de Famille", in Cachan. If you want to book a room, please mention it on the online Registration Form. Our administration office is in charge of the booking.

On ESTP Paris campus

The price is 135€ per week. 

Here are the details :

ESTP Student residence, "Maison de Famille"
41, rue Marcel Bonnet
94230 Cachan

How to reach the ESTP Hall of Residence ?

You can reach the halls of residence on the RER B line. From Charles de Gaulle airport: Take the B line of the RER to Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse / Robinson and stop at Arcueil Cachan Station. From Orly airport, take the ORLYVAL (train going directly to Antony), then the RER B line to Aéroport Charles de Gaulle / Mitry-Claye and stop at Arcueil Cachan.

It is a five-minute walk from the station to the residence, 10 mn by train to reach EPF and 15 minutes from central Paris.

The rooms

For those who have never stayed in a dormitory in France, it is useful to know that dorm rooms are typically small. You will have a single room with shared toilets and showers. The rooms are furnished and cleaned by campus' staff. Each room has a single bed, a bedside table a wardrobe, a desk and a sink with mirror.


Blankets and pillows are provided. Students have to bring their own towels and sheets.


Students may eat at any student restaurant in Paris. For health and security reasons, household appliances (electric oven, small electric or gaz cookers,...) are strictly forbidden in the rooms. Bakeries, local restaurants and markets and supermarkets are also located nearby.

Internet and phone

Each room is equipped with an internet access, and telephone for incoming calls. Payphones are available on campus.

On the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

The number of rooms at the ESTP student residence is limited. If it is full when you register, we may find other possibilities of accommodation near Cachan or at Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (from 400€ to 650€/month). Ask us by email and we will try to help you.

Youth hostel (Auberge de jeunesse)

Youth Hostels are also a possibility for those who have a short budget and prefer to be housed in the center of Paris. Please contact them directly. Village Hostel


Lunch break: 

It is possible to have lunch in the student restaurant of the Cité Universitaire, in Paris (RER station "Cité Universitaire" 20 minutes from EPF or ESTP). Meals cost around €4. To have access to this restaurant, you need to have a student ID card (which will be provided upon your arrival). Snacks (sandwiches, salads…) may also be bought near EPF and ESTP campuses from different supermarkets. 

Medical concerns:

Remember that just because you go abroad, your body does not necessarily stop needing medical attention. This is particularly true if you plan on practising sports and / or participating in active leisure activities while you are here. But in any case, regular check-ups are necessary, no matter where you are in the world. France has a good medical system. Even so, it is common sense to complete any urgent medical/dental work at home before you depart for France. Also, bring your medical records with you: this will make it easier for local doctors to diagnose any malfunctions. And bring enough medicine with you to treat any ongoing medical condition for the duration of your stay. If you prefer being treated by doctors who speak your own language, you can obtain list of these practitioners from your embassy/consulate.

Please note that if a doctor's name is on the list, it is not to be construed as a "recommendation by the embassy". It simply means that the person speaks your language and has asked to be included on the list. Please consider informing us about any physical/medical condition you might have that could eventually need attention during classroom hours.

Prior knowledge will help us to be better prepared in order assist you in the eventuality of a surgical need (this information will be kept strictly confidential.). 

Dress code:

Dress code on the courses is casual.

  • In winter, France can be very cold. The temperature is often around 0° C. Don't forget your jumper and coat!!
  • In summer, you may wear what is comfortable, including T-shirts and shorts.

However, we do suggest that you pack a few dressier items as you might want to go to a nice restaurant. Also, you do well to remember that summer weather in Paris is changeable and unpredictable, sometimes changing several times in the same day. It can range from cold & wet to hot & dry.

The best advice would be to dress in layers, bringing at least one sweater and long pair of pants, a light jacket, and an umbrella, in addition to your usual summer wear. Swimming wear for men: only classic racing briefs are accepted in French public swimming pools.


Students studying in France will need to open a bank account when they arrive. To help you with this procedure we have made an agreement with the BNP Paribas and have obtained good conditions for our students.

Due to this partnership, we may need to transfer some information concerning students (name, date and place of birth) if they wish to open an account. If students would prefer us not to communicate this information, they can refuse. It just needs to be mentioned on the registration form.


The Halls of Residence hall are located on line RER B, close to train stations "Cité Universitaire". So it is very easy to travel on the RER to reach a number of shopping areas. All kinds of shops may thus be easily reached by a short underground ride. From EPF, shopping malls are also easily accessible by bus ("Vélizy 2" - bus 390. From Bourg-la- Reine station, "Belle Epine" - Bus 192 from Bourg-la-Reine station or EPF).

Near EPF and ESTP are interesting outdoor markets in Sceaux and Cachan (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) and supermarkets (Simply Market in Sceaux and Cachan, MONOPRIX and CHAMPION in Bourg-la-Reine). And of course, the famous Parisian department stores like Les Galeries Lafayette, le BHV, and all kinds of small and fashionable shops and supermarkets are at a short distance from ESTP and the residence. 
Eating-out: Paris is full of restaurants of different delicacies and internatioanl cuisines and also from a different price range.

No doubt you will obviously find your favorite restaurant or bar among them…