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Logo n+iThe "n+i" network was founded in 1997 as a consortium of more than 70 engineering Grandes Ecoles in France
It is open to students or young engineers around the world with at least a bachelor's degree, who would like to obtain a French engineering degree. These people may apply on the n+i website to be recruited by one of the network's 70 partner schools.

Once they are recruited, the students take part in intensive French classes (in July-August) and then take part in a 4-month methods preparation programme. This programme includes classes on language and culture as well as a revision of engineering sciences (in the student's chosen field of study) and a technological section (lab courses, etc.) related to the student's field. 

Following this preparation period, students enrol in the school of their choice, in the 2nd semester of M1 (4th year at EPF). They then continue with the entire M2 course (5th year at EPF) before graduating.

For a few years now, the n+i programme has been open to French students who wish to study abroad (resulting in a diploma or not). Many double degree and exchange partnerships have been formed through this network.

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