Your course plan will be submitted to the EPF advisors who will confirm whether or not you can take the courses mentioned.

This document must be completed carefully, in particular regarding whether or not the chosen courses are mandatory and if they require evaluations. Some EPF courses are not evaluated, or they are only evaluated as part of projects (combined with other courses). It is therefore important to know whether or not the student expects to be graded, BEFORE the course begins.

Major courses change regularly depending on companies' needs, and, as a consequence, some programmes may be modified according to what has been on offer in previous years. Unfortunately, some changes are introduced at the last minute, so you will have to go back over your course selections after you arrive in France.

The academic office must have your course plan to enrol you in the Helisa database; this database ensures that you are on the lists. You can use it to log on to the intranet site to get your grades and view your class schedule (

Without precise, up-to-date information, you cannot get your grades, which could be problematic when you try to get your grade card.


Depending on your selected courses, you may have to "juggle" several different schedules. If you choose courses from several different years, your schedule will be more complex. Schedules will vary according to level, for example the first 3 years are different from major courses.

They are distributed at the beginning of the year and updated regularly. Last-minute updates or changes are posted on the bulletin boards outside the lecture halls (at the Lakanal site). Check these boards regularly to stay informed of any changes.

If you submitted the list of classes you would like to take, your schedule is generated automatically on the EPF portal.


When you arrive at EPF, you will be given an ISIC card for the entire academic year (your photo will be taken the first day of classes). You can use this card at CROUS cafeterias and to get reductions at cinemas, museums and more:

It also gives you access to certain services (specialist travel agencies, subscriptions, mobile phones, transport cards, etc.).


This official document certifies that you are enrolled at EPF and will be asked for by official services (préfecture, bank, university residence, etc.). You will be given several copies of this certificate when you arrive.