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The Office for Global Engagement helps the international students finding a housing close to the school, on the 3 campuses. 


It is very difficult for international students to find housing near Sceaux.  To offset this, EPF has signed an agreement with CROUS de Versailles, which manages university residences.

Reservations must be made upon application; once they are admitted, students receive information on the housing options and the procedures they need to follow. Reservations can be made for one semester, and students commit to stay in their housing until the agreed-upon date.


If you stay in university housing or rent an approved apartment, you may request a housing stipend. This stipend is paid by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales and covers up to 50% of your rent.

To get this stipend, visit the Allocations Familiales centre in Antony, or log on to the website . This site provides all the information you need and can be used to make "real-time" requests (to save time).

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