Engineering qualities are not only measured through the engineer’s scientific and technical knowledge. In addition to skills developed throughout the academic program and internships, a young graduate has to improve his/her innovation skills, sense of initiative and will to commit. 

EPF currently has over 50 active organisations in a variety of areas, to achieve potential, commit oneself and unveil talents. Each student is invited to join the student life or develop a personal project. Those experiences are valued during their studies with ECTS credits.

Discover an overview video of EPF Student Life :


The associations that make up this grande école spirit bear several missions such as create and drive the major school events (e.g integration trip, gala ball, freshers’fair), stand for students in administrative authorities meetings or cover events on 3 campuses…

  • UVA, "Union de la Vie Associative", coordinates all EPF students organisations
  • CVE, "Conseil de la Vie Étudiante", is the Student life Board which makes the link between the School administration and the students
  • 3 Students Union Offices (BDE), one for each campus to actively improve and develop student life on their campus
  • L'Apostrophe, EPF's students organisations newspaper
  • EPF Boutique, designs and sells sweaters, hats and all types of accessories at the colors of EPF
  • Gala EPF, organises every year the school's Gala, a magical night for all students and graduates


For all those who worship entrepreneurship and new technologies, our Junior Enterprises and all associations specialized in aeronautics and spatial, robotics and innovation are also part of EPF’s associative network.

  • EPF Projets Sceaux (Ranks in France top 30) and EPF Projets Montpellier are EPF's Junior-Entreprises. They work as consulting offices and achieve (paid) studies for companies.
  • Euroavia Paris, is EPF's aeronautics organisation. It proposes activities such as skydiving or  pilot's licences lessons and exams.
  • EPF Robotics, opens EPF students to the robotics world
  • TIP - Technology, Innovation & Phi in Troyes, gives the opportunity to students to test high tech novelties (Oculus Rift, Google Glass, etc...)
  • BD Tech in Montpellier innovates to improve tomorrow's world



EPF students can practice over 20 different sports such as football, horse riding, volleyball, rugby, tennis, basketball, athletics, handball, sailing, aikido, swimming, capoeira, karate, sliding sports…They can continue practicing or discover new activities and participate in internal as well as multiuniversity competitions throughout their curriculum.

  • 3 Sports Offices (BDS) on each campus, to organise sports activities and competitions for students
  • Glisse & Ecotrips, is the student organisations for fans of extreme or sliding sports
  • Tyrans d'eau, in Montpellier, EPF Voile, in Sceaux are the Sailing student organisations which take parts in the Edhec race, and other regattas all year long
  • EPF adventure, for all thrills and spills fans
  • Alphinistes is for climbing and outdoor activities fans 



Because having the possibility to develop and share passions is essential, many associative projects relating to arts, cinema, games, trips, intercultural, astronomy or even music are organised throughout the academic year for EPF students with a view to broaden their vision of the world!

  • 3 Arts Offices (BDA), in Sceaux, Troyes & Montpellier, for all activites linked to creativity : acting, drawing, photography, music, cinema...
  • Film Office (BDC) records all school's events organised by the associative network
  • ESN Sceaux - Erasmus Student Network welcomes international students and helps them in discovering their campus and the parisian life
  • Muzikos in Sceaux and MMC in Troyes are EPF musical organisations
  • Games Offices (BDJ) in Sceaux and Troyes organise poker and video games tournaments 
  • EPF Astronomy in Sceaux are for astronomy's fans
  • EPF Œnology, in Sceaux, Troyes & Montpellier, organise wine tastings and presentations on diverse grape varieties
  • Operation Jet Lag, in Troyes, organises trips for students around Europe




Eager to put all their technical and human skills and their energy at the service of society, students from Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier have created several solidarity-based associations.

  • EPF Partage, the humanitarian and socially-aware organisation on Sceaux Campus
  • Agora, in Troyes, promotes diversity at EPF
  • Helphi, in Montpellier, gets involved in local and international humanitarian actions
  • EPF Tutoring, was created to help sutends in Year 1 and Year 2 who face difficulties in some courses