EPF research focuses on the sustainability of systems.

Its goal is to maintain quality of life and well-being through sustainable management of systems and resources. It meets the Challenge "Industrial Renewal" of the National Strategy for Research "France Europe 2020".

For students, EPF research offers:

  • A training approach through research;
  • An opening towards research and innovation;
  • A preparation for the engineering career.

For industry, EPF research provides:

  • A connection between fundamental and applied research;
  • A contribution of innovations to the market.


EPF research focuses on two themes:

EPF research has 2 or 3 privileged partners for each of its campuses.


The EPF has some partnerships with academic laboratories. This strategy facilitates the progression of research and its shared valorization.Some EPF Assistant Professors do their research in collaboration with the following laboratories:


The research areas of the EPF involve several international collaborations:

  • China: research agreements were signed with the University of Hefei (Anhui) on the subject of singularities and the harmfulness of defects;

  • Norway: an Erasmus agreement and a scientific research collaboration has been established with the University of Grimstad (Prof. Tom Lassen);

  • Canada: an educational and research cooperation has been established with the University of Sherbrooke. A research collaboration with exchanges of faculty, was also established with the BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology, Laboratory PART) in the field of orthotics by conducting additive manufacturing);

  • Italy: two Erasmus contracts were signed, one with the University of Udine and the other with Turin Polytechnic in the SCUDO - Scuola di Dottorato (Graduate School);

  • USA: a research collaboration with exchanges of faculty, was established with Texas A&M University (TAMU) in the field of aerospace alloys.

  • Tunisia: a cotutelle thesis and a scientific collaboration are in progress with the University of Tunis El Manar.


EPF has developed industrial partnerships (services, PhD thesis) in the fields of mechanics (TOTAL, ENGIE) and chemistry (SEB-CALOR, ATLANTIC) through co-patenting and common publications.