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EPF is a Grande Ecole specialised in engineering and a recognised public-interest foundation. It belongs to the CGE, the UGEI and IngéFrance.

EPF offers:

  • a generalist post-secondary programme with integrated preparatory coursework
  • the only programme that provides a joint French-German degree recognised in France (CTI-accredited engineering degree) and in Germany (German Master's degree) respectively.
  • One binational degree programme with Université de Sherbrooke
  • 2 sandwich course programmes. Admissible students with 2 years' post-secondary experience can enrol at EPF as 3rd-year sandwich course students specialised in Industrial Information Systems.

These degree programmes are CTI-accredited. For more information about the school, visit the history and key information pages.

Feel free to contact us or download our brochure.

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