Research is at the heart of the knowledge and innovation economy. Thus, EPF believes that research can develop the creativity, the curiosity, the risk-taking and the autonomy of its students. These qualities are at the center of the innovation process.

Therefore, EPF has put research at the heart of its training process. This is possible thanks to:

  • The assistant professors and external speakers (CNRS, CEA, industrial R & D) who transfer their knowledge and methodologies to the students;
  • A dedicated path that brings them into research;
  • The opportunities offered by some internships in a research laboratory, with taking of patents and / or the writing of scientific publications.

This confrontation offers students new career opportunities in R & D centers and start-ups. Finally, EPF provides the opportunity for students to prepare a PhD after graduation. 4% of EPF students are pursuing a PhD.


Thanks to the special relations with partner companies, the EPF has set up four business chairs since 2012:

  • Thales in the field of cybersecurity;
  • Dassault Systemes in the field of systems engineering;
  • Global Concept in the field of telecommunications;
  • Odysee Environnement in the field of water treatments.

EPF partners are thus involved in the training of engineering students, in the development of research and in educational engineering.


EPF has created some TechLabs on each of its three Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier campuses, to provide students with design and prototyping resources for their projects, and to encourage their entrepreneurial activities, in connection with research and innovation platforms.

Sceaux Campus

TechLab of Additive Manufacturing

The TechLab of Additive Manufacturing works with the Robotic club, run by the students of Sceaux, whose main activities are the realization of mini robots and participation in challenges. The main goal is to attract a large number of students and introduce them to the different equipment available in the Tech'Lab. This Techlab is used for the mechatronics projects and the innovation scientific projects (connected greenhouse, intelligent tunnel, blind bracelet ...) of the apprenticeship-training students.

TechLab of Chemistry

The TechLab of Chemistry is located on the ESTP campus in Cachan (94). It allows students of the EPF to perform their tutorials, and to have access to means in environmental chemistry: infrared spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer Frontier) and UV-visible (Dr. Lange-Xion 500), water treatment loop which simulates the steps of coagulation and flocculation.

Troyes Campus

TechLab of Additive Manufacturing

The TechLab of Additive Manufacturing is working on innovative projects such as smart materials, surface treatments of metal parts, custom orthotics obtained by 3D printing and other research projects. It has:

  • 8 printers (including a color printer);
  • 1 metallic 3D printer;
  • 2 3D scanners and associated software means.


Montpellier Campus

TechLab of Energy and Environmental Transition

The TechLab of Energy and Environmental Transition develops innovative projects related to energy, environment and measurement chains through mechatronic prototyping: production and programming of electronic cards, CNC machines, educational kits.

This TechLab is a support for training (tutorial benches, student projects), student entrepreneurial projects (connected objects) and research activities.