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Double degrees

The best example of our international cooperation is our international double degree programmes with partners abroad. These double programmes involve coursework on two different sites, alternating according to the year, that lead to an engineering degree from EPF and a top-level foreign degree.

A double degree programme with Germany starting in the first year : the french-german programme

Hochschule Double degrees

The French-German programme with the Munich Hochschule (HM) is the only double degree programme accredited by CTI. It leads to a French engineering degree and a German Master's in engineering.

Students make their decision to enrol in this production and automation programme from the beginning of their first year at EPF.
Each class has around 30 students, half French and half German. 
After spending their first year in their home school and taking intensive language courses, students spend their 2nd and 4th academic years at HM and their 3rd and 5th years at EPF. 
Students have to perform internships in both countries. 
Throughout the programme, students learn to be mobile, which makes graduates feel at ease in France, Germany or anywhere in the world, managing and organising projects in large industrial groups and innovative companies.

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International double-degree programmes

EPF offers different double-degree curricula which offer students of our partner universities the opportunity to earn the EPF engineering degree and EPF students a foreign degree.

Starting in the 4th year

French-Mexican programme with the TEC of MONTERREY - MEXICO

Leads to the MAESTRIA (Master of Science) in addition to the EPF degree. Students may choose any current EPF majors except for aeronautics. 
The Master's programme includes specialised coursework and a thesis that counts as the End of Study Project. 
Students go to the TEC from semester 9 until they obtain their Maestria, usually for 3 semesters.
The Maestria is given immediately after the EPF degree.

Université du Québec in Chicoutimi - Québec

  • Master's degree in IT
  • Master's degree in organizational management

Curriculum: 4 years at EPF + 3 quarters at UQAC + 1 quarter-long internship which may be approved as an ESP equivalent) 

Master at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería of the Basque University in Bilbao

This programme leads to a Master's degree in the following fields: Production - Construction/Public Works- Machine design - Project management - Hydraulic engineering - Nuclear engineering - Thermal energy - Electrical engineering - Limited access: aeronautics
Curriculum : 4 years at EPF followed by 3 semesters in Spain
Coursework in semesters 9 and 10 and final project internship in semester 11