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The pedagogical aim for this major is to train generalist engineers with a solid knowledge base of the aeronautics and space industry combined with strong skills in systems engineering, based on a structured approach of multidisciplinary design and integration.

With systems engineering as the common theme, students acquire broad skills on all aspects of aeronautical and space craft design.


    The “Aeronautics and space” major extends over two academic years and is organised around two in-class semesters, alternating with two internship semesters: a student engineer internship in Year 4 and a “final year project” internship in Year 5.

    During this major, students can finalise the engineer profile they choose by following one of the 3 tracks offered:

    • Exploitation / Maintenance
    • Production / Industrialisation
    • Study / Design

    This program is partially taught in english.


    • Major French, European and global groups in the aeronautics and space industry
    • Aeronautics and space groups’ partner organisations and equipment manufacturers
    • Engineering and technological consulting firms
    • Public and private research organisations in the aeronautics, space and defence industry
    • Companies dealing with the scientific and technical challenges associated with the management and optimisation of air traffic and transport
    • Companies dealing with satellite operations
    • Airlines
    • Freight companies
    • Aeronautical maintenance companies
    • Airport operators


    • Consulting engineer
    • Aeronautics and space systems engineer
    • R&D engineer
    • Technical sales engineer
    • Transversal project management engineer
    • Aeronautics/space maintenance engineer
    • Operations engineer
    • Industrialisation engineer


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