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The aim of this major is to train specialist engineers who are able to use their skills to serve the healthcare sector, by designing innovative systems either in the field of mechanics (prosthetics, medical/health robots,…), or in the field of IS (digital hospitals, telemedicine/ remote care, e-health etc.)

Students are offered two technical tracks, which are paired with a range of courses enabling future engineers to become familiar with the healthcare sector:

One track develops Information System

The other develops skills in mechanics


The major extends over two academic years and is organised around two in-class semesters, alternating with two internship semesters: a student engineer internship in Year 4 and a “final year project” internship in Year 5. Students choose three course units (CUs) in Years 4 and 5.

This enables them to orient their study track either towards the field of biomechanics or information systems, according to their preferences and career plan, by choosing specific CUs. The track chosen in Year 4 is followed through in Year 5.

This program is entirely taught in French.


Industry sectors of interest for this major are the hospital sector, all the stakeholders involved in the patient care system, suppliers of medical and surgical appliances, suppliers of medical devices, suppliers of medical robots, as well as e-health and m-health startups.


  • Bio computer science engineer
  • Bio medical engineer
  • Bio statistics engineer
  • Medical robotics engineer
  • Medical device design engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Hospital engineer


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