Orientation Environmental & Innovative Engineering

EIE (ENVIRONMENTAL AND INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING) aims to take on the new environmental challenges set by UNCED's (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) sustainable development directives of 1992 in Rio do Janeiro, and France's environmental round table (“Grenelle de l'Environnement”) of 2007, in terms of innovative engineering compatible with the environmental needs of sustainability urgencies of today and the future.

The challenges of sustainable development require from companies as well as administrations, to respond in terms of strategy to several essential issues in compliance with local and national regulatory constraints:

  • its place in the worldwide ecosystem
  • sustainability of its production methods and its suppliers
  • its independence from energy prices and raw materials
  •  the ecological quality of its products

The EIE engineering specialisation educates modern engineers, conscious and engaged in the new issues of sustainable development and its challenges in terms of innovative engineering.

This programme also intends to motivate interested students to carry out a Ph.D. in engineering research after the EPF engineering degree.

Companies who take on new technological challenges in research and sustainable development are very eager to incorporate these highly specialized professional profiles.
EIE will give notions as well as specifics to a sampling of environmental technologies as well as renewable energy technologies – either or both in the theoretical courses and in the project sessions and work.

All of our professor are English speaking professionals (consultants, and/or from institutions or NGOs) coming from all over the world (Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa). The courses are entirely taught in English.