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The “Structures & Materials” major aims to provide EPF students with a wide range of programs on the study of structures in general, with more specific applications in civil engineering, the car industry, ships and offshore structures and biomechanics. This major preserves the EPF’s generalist tradition, training multi-skilled engineers capable of working in a variety of industry sectors.

The objective of this major is to implement innovative technical solutions in the design of complex buildings and structures, by using the most appropriate materials.


The “Structures & Materials” major extends over two academic years and is organised around two in-class semesters, alternating with two internship semesters: a student engineer internship in Year 4 and a “final year project” internship in year 5.

At the end of this major, students are equipped with a range of technical skills, they are familiar with the industrial approach and open to research. Teaching is diversified and very theoretical aspects are combined with practical work in labs, the use of numeric simulation tools, conferences, industrial site visits etc.

This program is entirely taught in French.


  • Major construction groups in civil engineering, offshore, wind power
  • Project managers in infrastructure projects (road and rail)
  • Automotive industry and equipment manufacturers
  • Public or private materials research organisations
  • Research labs in the field of sport
  • Certification and inspection bodies
  • Companies working in industrial risk management


  • Civil engineer in infrastructure
  • Transport engineer
  • Design engineer
  • R&D engineer in materials and structures
  • BIM manager
  • Methods engineer
  • Assistance to project managers
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation engineer
  • Technical inspection engineer
  • Project management, risk management


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