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Business and Project Engineering Management

Business and Project Engineering Management

The management part of the programme provides students with the fundamental basics in Economics, Strategic Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Communication and Finance. The technical part of the programme focuses on Information Systems Security, Quantitative Marketing/Data mining and Business Intelligence courses.

The orientation is composed of 50% of management courses and 50% of technical courses. All courses are taught in English, such as those of the "Engineering Management" Major.

In addition, through their participation in a hands-on, four-month project, the students will act as junior consultants pitching for new business. The commercial proposal they have to design in a competitive tender process will encourage future engineers to actively find, integrate and apply technical and managerial concepts and methodologies, provided mainly by teachers with an operational background.




  • High-tech industries,
  • Infrastructure or processing industries,
  • Consultancy firms,
  • Software publishing and implementation,
  • Financial sector (banking, institutional investors), 



  • Business Developer in IT
  • Project Manager
  • IT Organisation Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Auditor in industrial sectors
  • Industrial Buyer