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Industrial and Logistics Engineering

Industrial and logistics engineering

The "Industrial and Logistics Engineering" specialisation is intended for future specialists in cross-disciplinary supply chain management, with a dual focus on:

  • The acquisition of strategic, tactical and operational skills, in particular in industrial engineering and logistics, including the capacity to understand all the profession's needs, to reorganise processes and industrial IT operation (ERP, flow simulation, etc.)
  •  The acquisition of project management tools by working on projects (in line with ISO10006 on project management processes and PMBOOK), team management, overall quality and deciding whether or not to delegate, all with awareness of their impact on the environment.

 These generalist engineers are taught the basics of HR, sales, marketing and finance to get a broad view of every step of the value chain. In addition to their work on cross-disciplinary projects, each student is assigned a specific role in this organisation, defined by the students themselves. This teaches them to handle organisational complexity. Throughout every step of this project, the teaching team will include committed coaches at the students’ disposal, to help them develop their professional refl exes as quickly as possible.



Sectors include major industrial groups as well as small and midsized companies and industries. Students may go on to work in a variety of sectors, such as:

  • food industry,
  • chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • automobile and aeronautics manufacture (including equipment manufacturers),
  • luxury industries,
  • packaging,
  • construction and public works,
  • IT engineering service providers,
  • organisation and management consulting firms,
  • logistics service providers,
  • public and para-public organisations,
  • energy and transport (EDF, GDF-SUEZ, etc.),
  • mass retail,
  • online retail.