EPF TROYES | EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs


The EPF Troyes building, located next to the UTT campus, was inaugurated in March 2014 and has a surface of 3000 m2 spread over 3 levels and an innovative architecture and high enhancing environmental quality renewable energy. It includes an amphitheater with 100 seats located in the heart of a large circular lobby, as well as classrooms, labs , a student lounge, offices and meeting rooms, etc.

EPF Troyes 2015Image campus troyesCampus de Troyes


Students take the same coursework as at Sceaux for the first 3 years, with the benefit of cutting-edge infrastructures, exemplary sports facilities, and an innovative research dynamic. They can then transfer to EPF Sceaux or Montpellier depending on their chosen specialisation, or continue their engineering studies in Troyes, as part of a double degree in engineering and university master's degree if they choose.