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For this year, exceptionally, EPF has decided to replace its Summer School by a EPF Virtual International Tech Camp, including a selection of online lectures in Engineering and French Language and Culture. The EPF Virtual International Tech Camp will take place online from July 6 to July, 10, 2020. It is open to all public and completely free of charge. 

Registration for the EPF VIRTUAL TECH CAMP 2020 event is closed


Participating in the EPF VIRTUAL TECH CAMP is a unique opportunity for students to discover within 5 days, many fundamental disciplines in Enginerring sciences taught at EPF Graduate School of Engineering.

This special edition offers French and International students and professionals interested in Engineering sciences a wonderful opportunity to discover EPF programs and research and to discuss  with our researchers, professors and students on a variety of topics. Lectures and live sessions will cover the following topics :

- Introduction to EPF and France : culture, language and studies at EPF 

- Innovative ways of teaching and new methodological (pedagogical) approaches to learning   

- Durability of systems : sustainable management of systems and resources to maintain quality of life and well-being    

All lectures will be taught in English to allow International students to participate (however, some content (vidéos) broadcast during this week may be in French).



The EPF Virtual International Tech Camp will be organized online in July 2020. The different topics will be organized in small groups of interactive seminars. All sessions will be organized via  Microsoft Office Teams software, life or asynchronous, allow optimal interaction in all time zones.

The duration and content are designed for online sessions so that students can fully benefit from learning outcomes.



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Lecture time are indicated in Paris time (Central European Time). For example, 15:00 P.M in Paris (CET) is:

9 A.M in New York (EST)

14 P.M in London (BST)

21 P.M in Beijing (CST)


EPF VIRTUAL TECH CAMP : July 6 to 10, 2020

Opening session: EPF : a unique learning experience in France - a model of diversity 

Speaker: Pr Jean-Michel Nicole, EPF Dean & Cyrielle Flosi, Communication & Marketing Director 

Language of instruction: English


How to influence clients through the digital marketing

Speaker : Dr François Nicolle, ICD Management School

Language of instruction: English / French


Reinvention teaching and learning : EPF's new approaches      

Speaker: Dr Diana Griffoulières,  Dr Irina Anelok,  Dr François Stefan 

Language of instruction: English / French


Innovative platforms for Research and Technology : EPF's Tech and Energy Lab           

Speaker : Dr Olivier Horner , Léopold Kritly PhD student at the EPF Engineering School and the KU Leuven,

Language of instruction: English


Innovative Technological platforms for comfort in buildings & presentation of student projects in Sustainable Architecture  

Speakers: Dr Abelatif Meratine,  Dr Vincent Basecq,  Dr Omar Saifouni, Thibault Chabrolle (student)

Language of instruction: English


Engineering, Health and Sports : An innovative approach

Speaker: Dr Maxime Bourgain

Language of instruction: English


French As A Foreign Language : Discover France, its language and its culture

Speaker :  Ms Delphine Morey

Language of instruction: French


Innovation at EPF : becomeing a creative engineer

The EPF FabAdd Academy 

Msc ICE 

Speaker: Dr Julien Gardan

Language of instruction: English / French


Getting a job in France and Europe : How EPF prepares its graduates for internships and recruitment

Speaker : Ing Agnès Auclair,  Junior association

Language of instruction : English / French


Becoming an international student in France at EPF

Speakers : Dr Dana Oprisan, Stefan Seiler and International Students at EPF

Language of Instruction : English


Women in engineering: overcoming stereotypes

Gender and Artificial Intelligence : Is AI gender-biased ?

Women and Entrepreneurship

Speakers : Dr Liliane Dorveaux, Ing Yvette Ramos, CEO Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli

Language of instruction: English


Computational Thinking for engineers 

Computational thinking builds on the power and limits of computing processes, whether they are executed by a human or by a machine. Computational methods and models give us the courage to solve problems and design systems that no one of us would be capable of tackling alone. Computational thinking confronts the riddle of machine intelligence:What can humans do better than computers? and What can computers do better than humans? Most fundamentally it addresses the question: What is computable? Today, we know only parts of the answers to such questions.

Speaker: Dr Mario Veruete

Language of instruction: English


Certificate of attendance :

The EPF VIRTUAL TECH CAMP can provide a certificate of attendance on demand to participants who could attend all lectures of the Tech Camp and so did fully participate in the entire program.