tech camp 2022

Tech camp 2022


The EPF Virtual International Tech Camp is an innovative program that will allow candidates to discover Engineering and Innovation in France


From July 18th to July 22nd, 2022 French and International candidates will have access to remote high level conferences with reputated speakers on a broad range of topics linked to Engineering in France.

Lectures will cover topics in Aeronautics and Space, Engineering and Management, Innovation, Energy, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Sports, Mechanical Engineering, International Affairs, French Language and Digital Marketing and many others. All lectures will be organized online and as live sessions. Students can opt for only 1, several or all conferences.

The program is designed for International and French Students who want to learn more about Engineering and Innovation in France. It is a perfect tool for students who look for orientation in order to choose their Engineering studies or opt for a specialization in a certain field or discipline. All participants can discuss via chat with all high level speakers at the end of each live session.



Candidates: all candidates interested in Engineering and Innovation in France. Candidates should be registered for advanced studies in a French or International Higher Education Institution.

Fees: Only 5 euros per lecture. Candidates can opt for 1, several or all lectures.