Publié le 17/01/2018

The EPF has created some TechLabs in Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier campuses. Places of exchange between pedagogy, research, and innovation, the TechLabs are dedicated to scientific and technological projects.


Additive fabrication TechLab 

The additive fabrication TechLab is managed by the students the Robotic club at Sceaux, whose main activities are the realization of mini robots and participation in challenges. The main goal is to introduce the students to the equipments available in the TechLab.

More information: Khaled SAHLIkhaled.sahli@epf.fr

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GREEN TechLab (environmental chemistry)

The GREEN TechLab is dedicated to environmental chemistry issues. It includes the following elements:

  • Rapid controlled precipitation bench and Biologic SP200 electrochemical bench (cyclic voltammetry, impedance);
  • Biologic quartz microbalance gravimetric measuring bench (scaling, biofilm);
  • Infra-red (Perkin Elmer Frontier) and UV-visible (Dr. Lange-Xion 500) spectroscopy and water treatment loop which simulates the steps of coagulation and flocculation;
  • Production of ultra-pure water (resistivity of 18.3 MΩ.cm) and chemistry hood with CO2 bottle.

More information: Hélène CHEAP-CHARPENTIER - helene.cheap-charpentier@epf.fr - Tony LOURTEAU - tony.lourteau@epf.fr


Mechanics TechLab 

The Mechanics TechLab ERMESS includes the following elements:


  • Modeling and simulation of structures and manufacturing processes (ABAQUS, ZEBULON, CAST3M);
  • DELL calculation cluster 4 nodes.

It will include (mid 2020) a sport gesture analysis hall, fast recording cameras, and an inertial measurement system.

More information: Naman RECHOnaman.recho@epf.fr - Thomas PROVOTthomas.provot@epf.fr


Additive fabrication TechLab

The Additive fabrication TechLab in Troyes is involved in innovative projects such as smart materials, surface treatments of metal parts, custom orthotics obtained by 3D printing and other research projects. It includes the following elements:


  • 8 printers (including a color printer);
  • 1 metallic 3D printer (project);
  • 2 3D scanners and related software resources.

More information:  Julien GARDANjulien.gardan@epf.fr

techlab epf ecole d'ingenieur

BBC+ TechLab (energy efficiency and comfort) 

The TechLab BBC + (EPF / URCA collaboration) focuses on the energy behavior of the building, integrating the comfort of the user. It includes the following elements:

  • The EPF building instrumented with temperature / CO2 sensors, GTC, HVAC equipment, PV panels, Canadian well, and rainwater recovery.
  • An internal biclimatic cell, prototype of a RT2020 house composed of hot and cold zones.
  • An instrumented manikin;
  • The RAFRAISOL bench, a solar cooling module for simulation and optimization, and the PCM bench, dedicated to the study of phase change materials.
  • An external rotating biclimatic enclosure (mid 2020).

More information: Abdelatif MERABTINE - abdelatif.merabtine@epf.fr 


Additive fabrication TechLab 

The additive fabrication TechLab develops innovative projects in connection with energy, environment and measurement chains through mechatronic prototyping: production and programming of electronic cards, CNC machines, and educational kits.

More information: Antoine Gademer - antoine.gademer@epf.fr - Etienne Gibaud etienne.gibaud@epf.fr

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The TechLab ENERGY'LAB is dedicated to energy issues. It includes the following elements:


  • The METIR (Multiscale Thermal Metrology) technical hall with the CTCM bench (thermal characterization of thin layers) and, in project, the THERMODIAG bench (Infrared Thermal Diagnostics). METIR is a center of expertise in multi-scale IR thermal metrology, intended to allow the thermal characterization (up to high temperatures) of materials (isotropic or anisotropic) ranging from the wall (single or multilayer) to thin-layers, the quantitative thermal diagnosis IR (CND, thermal losses, ...), and the estimation of thermal sources (flows and volume sources).

  • In project: a cell (mid 2019) to study of the adequacy between production and real energy need of the habitat. This RT 2020 type cell would be equipped with TH PV panels, electrochemical storage and an energy management system

More information:  Sandrine PINCEMIN - sandrine.pincemin@epf.fr - Christophe RODIET -  christophe.rodiet@epf.fr