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The Human Comfort in Buildings conference will take place remotely on 28 and 29 January 2021.


Applications are now open for candidates to EPF’s “China” program.

EPF has welcomed many students of Asian origin, and particularly Chinese students, since 2016. The school has developed close ties with many schools and universities across China, including Tianjin University.


Olga Maznichenko, an international basketball player from Ukraine, joined the French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes at the beginning of the semester.


The school would like to react to the incitement of hate through social media platforms in the last few weeks.


22 October is World Energy Day—the ideal opportunity for presenting our programmes for engineering professions in the fields of energy, ecological transition and sustainable development, aimed at developing responsible future engineers.


In December 2019, EPF signed a partnership agreement with the Agence Nationale des Bourses du Gabon (Gabon National Scholarship Agency).