EPF Engineering School acquires the ENS Paris-Saclay Alembert building in Cachan with a view to moving at the end of the year 2021

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Sceaux, September 14th, 2020

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EPF Engineering School’s development project is reflected today in the signing of the acquisition of the iconic Alembert building from ENS Paris-Saclay. The Engineering School is engaging in 13 months of renovation works before moving in, in autumn 2021.


This is a significant step in the implementation of EPF’s 2019-2024 strategic project. The former Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, whose premises have been located in Sceaux since 1956, is preparing to move after 4 years of discussion with all the stakeholders to design the engineering school of the future. The school will be leaving the 6500 square meter premises on 3 sites in Sceaux that it is currently occupying to move to the Alembert Building located in Cachan. The school will benefit from 16 000 square meters allocated to training, research and innovation as well as start-up incubation and student life. These new premises will enable engineering students and industrial and academic partners to have access to leading-edge Techlabs and technological platforms.

Innovation at the heart of school transformation

EPF’s strategic project aims at strengthening the strong identity of a school which has been involved for half a century in a practice of opening to diversity and being part of an in-depth transformation approach to support the EESPIG model.

In order to further stand out, EPF plans to become an educational and technological demonstrator as well as a third location open to businesses. Creating the IPN (Educational and digital innovations) cell in 2017 contributed to accelerating the transformation of an educational model based on hybridization.

Moving to a new regional campus will contribute to EPF’s international influence by associating public and private institutions who work in close synergy and focus on the 4.0 industry, covering a large array of BAC + 3 to BAC+ 8 training courses and providing considerable resources in accommodation, catering and sport activities.

Changing premises will contribute to supporting the implementation of the school’s strategic project which aims at strengthening its capacity to meet economic and social needs, improving its stance by becoming a place of creation and exchange, intellectual and technological production as well as a demonstrator of knowledge and practices, aware of its environment.

“This project based on shared values makes the most of the school’s cultural asset in the service of common good and of the nation. It is totally in line with EPF’s three strong values, Innovation, Boldness and Commitment, which contribute to building EPF engineers’ identity and structuring the institution they attended.” says Jean-Michel Nicolle, managing director at EPF.

The school’s strategic project is based on the reliance of the ability of each stakeholder to step out of their comfort zone to conquer new freedoms: a training course that appropriates each learner, a working space adapted to the requirements of each project, research that values every potential, an offer that meets each individual need at different points of professional life, an environment that welcomes initiatives, nurtures diversity and concerned about individual well-being.

A 44 million-euro investment

The ENS Cachan building which was built in the 1950s, must undergo substantial renovation works in order to meet the current most demanding standards (environment, accessibility, safety…etc.) and welcome EPF’s engineering students in optimal learning conditions. The school currently located in Sceaux expects the works and layout works to last 13 months for a total investment of 44 million euros.

This building made up of 5 floors shall focus on student collaborative workspaces, Techlabs open to teachers, future engineers and partners and will provide cutting-edge equipment on its technological platforms.

EPF will also strengthen its relationship with industrial partners by welcoming them to the “rue des entreprises” area, at the heart of the school and in direct contact with students.

A strategic partnership with the new artificial intelligence school

EPF’s moving to Cachan will immediately enable the school to reinforce existing partnerships with UTT, ENS Paris-Saclay, ENSAM or Sorbonne University LISE and create new alliances.

During the press conference of Thursday September 10th for the inauguration of the brand new Alvancity School dedicated to artificial intelligence, also located in Cachan, a strategic partnership agreement was signed by Jean-Michel Nicolle, Managing Director at EPF and Tawhid Chtioui, Founder and Dean of the first hybrid school for artificial intelligence, Business and Society.

Several innovative projects have already been mentioned, including hybrid trainings with an international scope, pooling of technological resources and a start-up incubator.

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About EPF Engineering School:

EPF (ex Ecole Polytechnique Féminine) trains innovative, responsible and international-minded engineering students since 1925. Our 2400 students (35% of which are women) – at Sceaux, Troyes and Montpellier – attend a polytechnic training that allows them to acquire excellent scientific and technical skills as well as develop versatility and adaptation capacity, giving them effective access to many fields of activity.

EPF has been developing its network of over 12500 alumni and partnering businesses – a key to success- for over 95 years and its international dimension is a central component of the educational project. As a foundation recognized for public utility, the school received the EESPIG* mark and has valued diversity and social openness as a source of richness and progress from the very beginning.