Scientific foundation semester at EPF

Non-French speaking students

This programme is entirely taught in English and you can access it with a B2 level in English, if you already have at least a Bachelor’s degree.


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Applications are centralised and sent by the partner university; if you would like to spend a semester or two at EPF, please contact your university's international department to find out how to apply. Your application will then be sent to us, and you will receive notice of admission by mail.

If you are a student at Hochschule Karslruhe, Universidad del Pais Vasco, RUDN, Universidad EIA or Samarkand State University you have to contact the International Office at your home university, as the applications are processed by your home university. 

Sustainable smart cities at the intersection of nature, culture & society

During the 2021 edition of the EPF Sustainable Smart Cities Summer School, the students studied how nature, people, technology, AI, and governance interrelate and are engaged in planning and developing sustainable smart cities.

Understanding how different ecosystems – natural, human, urban, media, and economic - work together and impact each other is the first step towards innovatively address the challenging aspects in smart city planning. Thus, the implementation of new technologies can be optimized, and the hot spots are identified and addressed through innovation and new directions of research.

Ideally, in sustainable smart cities, all the conceptual pillars of sustainability constitute a framework for the smart city's technological components.

In reality, during the planning process the application of technologies, and artificial intelligence for creating sustainable smart cities are challenged at the interface of the ecosystems, pre-existing conditions, and infrastructure.

The Tech Camp is an exciting and intensive five-day virtual journey through the latest innovations in engineering and engineering sciences in France, presented through the EPF Graduate School of Engineering  perspective.

Comprehensive and compelling, the second edition of Tech Camp brings together various engineering fields and explains how to acquire the hard and soft skills to become an exquisite and innovative engineering professional.

We invite worldwide bachelor and master degree students and  also students at the end of their secondary level studies who want to continue their studies in the field of engineering in France or those who are just curious, to join us for five days of science, innovation, and fun.

The program will provide presentations and talks covering two main themes:

  1. Engineering and innovation: For most of the program, the presentations will cover engineering fields from aeronautics to digital technology and digital data,  from systems management to sustainable engineering, and much more. The research and innovation projects will be highlighted and discussed by our researchers, professors, and students.
  2. Soft skills and their importance for the global engineering professional acquired through study abroad programs and innovative teaching methodologies.

The program is complemented by short, enjoyable talks about French language and culture and what it is like to be a student in France.

EPF organised its first language courses in 1992 to better prepare its international students to study in France. In 1998, ESTP linked up with EPF to provide its exchange students with the same linguistic and cultural preparation.

The summer seminar prepares the students for their engineering studies in France which includes not only numerous cultural and linguistic aspects but also a scientifically oriented curriculum.

Our instructors are specialists in the French language or teachers who are qualified in scientific disciplines and who can present the different methodological approaches used in France.

Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, our Summer program moved into an online intensive course instead.  It will bring together ideal conditions to learn French language and discover French culture as well as the French education system.

Although this program is highly recommended for computer and engineering students, it is also open to other students, administrators and teaching staff who are interested in improving their French.

Don’t be shy, join us now!


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Program 2021

Period : July 19 to August 27, 2021

Duration : 4 or 6 weeks

Online registration


Registration deadline: June 18, 2021

Check our Facebook page :"Cours de français pour Ingénieurs Epf-Estp"

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4 weeks : 1 000€

6 weeks :1 500€


20 hours intensive lessons

5 hours of workshops, cultural activities and tutoring

For any complaint or request to the department of French as a foreign language, please fill in this form or write directly

to the head of the department Magali BOUTIOT : ou

You will be receiving a response within three days. Thank you.


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