Taxe d'apprentissage - photographie d'une élève-ingénieure utilisant une imprimante 3D

from the Director

Une école responsable

Portait Emmanuel Duflos

“For almost a century, EPF has been innovating to successfully train engineers capable of tackling the challenges of our time.  Today, the issues of climate, energy, digital technology and public health, to name but a few, permeate all our training programs, from bac+3 to bac+8, to fully prepare our graduates to act as responsible men and women, as well as seasoned professionals.

Joining EPF means joining an engineering school whose courses are built not only on a broad spectrum of high-level scientific, technical and technological teaching, but also on the development of socio-economic, ecological, behavioral and multicultural skills. This global approach, reinforced by ongoing pedagogical innovation led by our pedagogical and digital innovation unit, places our students - the vast majority of whom are engineering students - at the heart of our concerns, with one ultimate goal: to provide them with the keys to success in building and realizing their professional projects.

Joining EPF also means joining a school that has made the diversity of life paths both an asset and an opportunity. We support your career plans with a wide choice of courses, while adapting our teaching methods to the diversity of experiences you'll have prior to joining the EPF: special courses for STI2D baccalaureates, apprenticeships, a staggered start to the academic year to enable you to switch to engineering studies during the year... Our various campuses in Paris-Cachan, Troyes, Montpellier and Saint-Nazaire, and our international campus in Dakar, enable us to offer everyone a wide range of possible student experiences.

So don't hesitate, join EPF, an engineering school of human excellence built on the values of innovation, boldness and commitment!”

Emmanuel Duflos, EPF General Manager