General engineering degree

Engineering degree (Bac+5)
4 internships
Full time

Since 1925, EPF’s General Engineering course has provided future engineers with qualities greatly appreciated in the business world: open-mindedness, cultural mobility, and the ability to adapt to their first job and throughout their career. EPF thus trains general engineers who have a global and cross-disciplinary outlook on their profession, and who can easily adapt to market needs.


EPF's engineering degrees are accredited by the French accreditation board for engineering degrees (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs).

5 reasons to choose this course

A truly generalist course which will allow you to work in all sectors
Three years of core curriculum to build a scientific, polytechnic, and technological base
Two years of specialisation in the field of your choice
50 weeks of work placements to prepare you for entering the world of work
A minimum of one semester abroad to open your mind to new cultures
weeks of internships over 5 years
weeks abroad minimum
average salary upon graduation

Course programme


In choosing EPF’s general engineering course, you are choosing to become a versatile engineer who can adapt to a constantly changing world and to new roles and environments.

After a general curriculum of three years, the EPF course allows you to choose from nine ‘majors’, or Master's degrees, to allow you to build your own career path and develop your skills. Regardless of the campus you join during your undergraduate studies, all students have access to the different majors offered and may therefore be required to change campuses.

Master’s degree


In your fourth year at EPF, you can choose to study the major of your choice, regardless of what campus you studied at for your undergraduate studies.

EPF offers five majors at its Paris-Cachan campus, one in Troyes, two in Montpellier and, from the 2024 academic year, one to come in Saint-Nazaire.



Skills developed

EPF Engineers: innovative, bold, and committed

EPF trains engineers who are aware of the challenges facing society and of the major technological and organisational changes to come. Their recognised versatility is built around projects, work placements, international experience, innovation challenges and associative activities, all of which are valued in the curriculum.

EPF engineers, who are capable of tackling complex technical problems, are also prized for their independence and strong managerial skills.
By joining EPF, you are affirming your desire to become a polytechnic, ethical, responsible, innovative and entrepreneurial engineer.

The future is being built today, and that is why EPF engineers act for change, assist social transitions, and rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

Careers & job opportunities

EPF general engineers fit into all lines of business. Depending on their chosen major, graduates can develop in their area of expertise and will evolve throughout their career, thanks to their solid scientific training.

Discover all the job opportunities for each major on the relevant pages.

EPF engineers take on a wide variety of roles and evolve throughout their career. Project Manager then Project Director, Research Engineer in different departments, Research and Development Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Business Engineer, Maintenance, Operations, Supply Chain, Design, Project Management Assistance, Risk Control and Management, Quality Control, etc.

Discover all the professions for each major on the relevant pages.


Portrait de Sophie TELLIEZ, EPF
Responsable Adjointe du Département International