Major Energy and Environment

Engineering degree (Bac+5)
2 semestres
Full time

This major prepares flexible and adaptable engineers who are capable of sloving new industrial challenges related to the ecological transition. Particular  emphasis is placed on the role of digital transformation in achieving this.

Upon completion of this major, graduates will have acquired scientific, technical, and management skills & understanding in the following areas: 

  • Industrial appoaches to production methods and processes, and energy systems. The challenges of electricity, water and gas transmission and distribution networks.
  • Political, economic, geopolitical, and regulatory aspects of energy and the environment.
  • Mineral and energy resource management challenges from extraction to operations and industrial production, including industrial ecology, life cycle assessment (LCA) and material and energy recovery techniques.

Course description


The major spans two academic years structured around two academic semesters and two semesters of interships. The Year 4 & 5 programs of styudy include 4 compulsory modules.

A track selected in each semester from a choice of three is designed to meet your individual preferences : 

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Energy & environment 

Depending on your préférences and career aspirations, our optional modules will enable you to: 

  • Orient your studies towards the energy and/or environmental sectors
  • Benefit from a broad vision of these interconnected domains by choosing modules from both areas

Certain optional modules are taught in English (EN), others in French (FR) and some in both languages (FR&EN). Students can choose to mix tracks between Year 4 and 5.

The energy systems covered in Year 4 focus on electricity production, while Year 5 focuses more on thermal aspects (heating and cooling).


Year 4


Compulsory modules :


  • Renewable energies
  • Digital technologies
  • Humanities & Business

Students will also choose one of the three specialty tracks in the major:

  • New energies
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Project


  • New energies
  • Environmental Impact and innovation
  • Project 
  • Global Water Cycle
  • Environmental impact and innovation
  • Projet 

Year 5


Compulsory modules :


  • Regulations and norms 
  • Circular Economy
  • Humanities & Business 

Students will also choose one of the three specialty tracks in the major:

  • Thermal energy
  • Sustainable housing
  • Project
  • Sustainable housing
  • Resource management and biodiverisity
  • Project
  • Small water cycle
  • Resources management and  biodiversity
  • Project

Real-world projects to develop your employability


Each academic semester, you will work on a project in collaboration with a company.

This project is the main focus of the semester, enabling you to put into practice the knowledge and expertise developed during the semester and according to your choice of track.


Examples of projects :

  • KYRAROU : proposal for a drinking water production system in india (water treatment - removing hardness).
  • FARMEX : design of a positive energy water treatment plant to facilitate access to drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • SEGULA TECHNOLOGIES :  study of potential environmental impacts following the installation and operation of floating photovoltaic power plants (FPV) on reservoirs upstream of a hydroelectric dam, in France.
  • VH 93 : Development of a tidal turbine equipped with a Savonius rotor adapted adapted for electricity production in small rivers (finite element modeling and 3D printing).
  • GREnADE : development of an intelligent system for remote irrigation control.
  • GENSUN : comparative analysis of the performance of photovoltaic fields between the design and operation phases.


Pratical details 


Duration of studies : 2 years

Location : Montpellier Campus 

Tuition fees for the 2024-2025 academic year: 9,640 € / year 

108 students per year 

Careers & job opportunities

  • Nuclear
  • Energy conversion 
  • Waste (collection, sorting, incineration,recovery)
  • Regional planning
  • Corporate social responsability, eco-design, LCA 
  • Rehabilitation of industrial sites
  • Wastewater treatment, sanitation, pollution control, treatment
  • Renewable energies
  • Energy management

  • Design engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Project leader
  • Business manager 
  • Project manager
  • Consultant
  • Operations and/or maintenance manager


Co-responsable de la majeure Énergie & Environnement
Sébastien DONIO
Co-responsable de la majeure Énergie & Environnement