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French for
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EPF organised its first language courses in 1992 to better prepare its international students to study in France. In 1998, ESTP linked up with EPF to provide its exchange students with the same linguistic and cultural preparation.

EPF-ESTP FLE Department offers an intensive summer program and courses throughout the year.

Intensive french language summer program

Join us this summer, improve your communication skills in French, discover French culture and the Paris region!

We offer Core French Classes and Scientific French Language in an immersive environment in small groups which assures an effective progression.

Courses are designed for all learners from beginners (A1) through advanced levels (B2-C1), in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CRFRL).


Period: from July 3rd to September 1st, 2023

Duration: 2 to 8 weeks depending on your level

Online registration open from the beginning of May

Registration deadline: June 9, 2023

Consult our Facebook page : Cours de français pour Ingénieurs Epf-Estp

Number of weeks Tuition fee Registration fee
2-week course €650 €100
4-week course €1 260 €100
6-week course €1 740 €100
8-week course €2 320 €100
Extra week €325 €100






Tuition fees include:

  • 20 hours of lessons per week (Core and Scientific French language)
  • 5 hours of tutoring, cultural activities and/or workshops per week
  • 1 placement test and 1 certificate of attendance per student
  • French courses with specific objectives (scientific language)

For online courses, the fee is of €Central European Time205 per week (15 hours of courses in the afternoon, ) + registration fee depending of the number of weeks.

The registration fee is non-refundable, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions on EPF or EPF webpages.

Comprehensive and innovative learning methods are our key to success!

Core French language and activities

  • Phonetics, grammar, vocabulary
  • Introduction to French culture
  • Cultural visits and activities
  • Conversation and writing workshops
  • Theater classes (speech and public speaking)
  • Picnics at the Parc de Sceaux and in Paris

French Language for Specific Objectives

  • Lessons focused on scientific subjects and language (mathematics, mechanics, structures & materials, economics, etc.)
  • Methodology

We have rooms equipped for blended learning:

  • Active learning, collaboration and student-teacher interactivity
  • Personalized teaching, tutoring sessions
  • Self-paced lessons and assignments throughout the training

Enroll from 2 to 8 weeks' sessions depending on your level

Dates: July-August 2023

Course duration: 6 or 8 weeks

Hours per week: 25 hours

Dates: July-August 2023

Course duration: 4 weeks

Hours per week: 25 hours

Dates: mid-August 2023

Course duration: 2 weeks

Hours per week: 25 hours

Throughout the year


EPF-ESTP FLE Department offers French classes from the end of September to the end of January (semester 1) and from the beginning of February to the end of May (semester 2).

Courses are designed for all learners from beginners (A1) through advanced levels (B2-C1), in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

One semester = 60 hours of classes for A1 level and 30 hours for the other levels.

Classes take place on Tuesday and/or on Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on EPF campus (55 avenue du Président Wilson, 94230 Cachan). At the end of the semester, students are evaluated through an official international test, the TFI, and a test of French knowledge. A grade report including an evaluation of the French level of the student is issued at the end of each semester.

The time schedule is sent to the registered students around one week before the classes start.


The EPF-ESTP FLE Department is certified by France Education International and holder of the label Qualité FLE renewed in 2021 – grade of 15 stars.


Label Qualité FLE - 15 étoiles


For any request or complaint to the department of French as a foreign language, please fill in this form or write directly to the head of the department Magali BOUTIOT : ou

You will be receiving a response within three days. Thank you.


Responsable du département de FLE
Portrait de Pierre JIANG, coordinateur pédagogique du Français Langue Étrangère de l'EPF
Pierre JIANG
Coordinateur pédagogique