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Joining a student society means embracing the EPF spirit. There are currently 50 or so active student societies at EPF in a variety of areas, all of which embody the school’s values in their own way. There’s bound to be one for you!

A rewarding community life


By taking part in the school’s community life or undertaking an individual project, you will gain valuable experience that counts towards your academic studies in the form of ECTS credits.

A closer look at EPF student life:


  • The UVA (Union de la Vie Associative) coordinates all student societies.

  • The CVE (Conseil de la Vie Étudiante) is the council which acts as a link between the students and the university administration.

  • The three Student Unions (BDEs) handle the organisation of campus events: the Paris-Cachan BDE, Troyes BDE and Montpellier BDE.

  • Gala EPF organises the school’s gala ever year, an evening for all students held in a magical venue.


  • The three Sports Offices (BDSs) organise sporting activities and competitions: the Paris-Cachan BDS, Troyes BDS and Montpellier BDS.
  • EPF Aventure, for thrill-seeking or outdoor activities
  • Les Ailes de l’EPF in Troyes, for all aviation activities


  • EPF Partage in Paris-Cachan, for solidarity and humanitarian initiatives
  • Helphi in Montpellier, for getting involved at a local and international level
  • EgaliPhi in Paris-Cachan, for fighting against discrimination and defending gender equality and diversity
  • EcoloPhi in Paris-Cachan, and Eco Trip in Troyes, for promoting ecology and sustainable development
  • Les 1 pour Tous in Montpellier, for a united city



  • The school’s junior enterprise: EPF Projets Paris-Cachan (top 30 in France) operates as a consultancy firm and carries out (paid) assignments for companies. EPF Sud Conseil in Montpellier and EPF Troyes Consulting are being developed along the same lines as the junior enterprise.
  • Euroavia Paris, the EPF’s aviation association, offers activities ranging from skydiving to obtaining a pilot’s license.
  • EPF Robotic introduces students to the world of robotics.
  • ITE - Innovations & Technologies for Engineers in Troyes introduces students to new technologies (Google Glass, Oculus Rift, etc.).
  • BD Tech in Montpellier innovates to improve the world of tomorrow.
  • Formula EPF, created in March 2020, aims to promote the automobile industry at EPF, including through the international competition FORMULA STUDENT.


  • The Arts Office (BDA) in Paris-Cachan, Troyes and Montpellier, for all activities related to creativity: theatre, art, photography, music, cinema, etc.
  • The Film Office (BDC) in Paris-Cachan and Montpellier, also known as JT EPF, for filming all the school’s events
  • Good Vibes, the radio association on the Paris-Cachan campus
  • The International Office (BDI) in Montpellier and the ESN Paris-Cachan - Erasmus Student Network, for welcoming and integrating international exchange students
  • Muzikos in Paris-Cachan, for bringing musicians together. On the other campuses, music is one of the activities handled by the Arts Office.
  • The Games Office (BDJ) in Paris-Cachan, Troyes and Montpellier for organising poker tournaments, role-playing games, board games and video game tournaments
  • EPF Astronomie in Paris-Cachan, for astronomy enthusiasts
  • EPF Œnologie in Paris-Cachan, Troyes and Montpellier for wine tastings and presentations on grape varieties
  • Opération Jet Lag in Troyes, for going travelling in Europe
  • EPF Éloquence, for promoting speech competitions within the school, but also for participating in inter-school debating championships, or for taking courses in public speaking
  • Speak’Up in Troyes, giving students a voice through regular debates


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