Portrait de Mauna REVEIL

From the study of different types of energy to waste management and the study of water treatment, the Energy and Environment major covers a wide range of fields, enabling you to develop expertise in the key issues facing our society.

Coming from Tahiti, the Ocean has a central place in my life as it connects the islands, feeds the people and allows me to practice my passion which is surfing. However, the islands are strongly dependent on fossil fuels.

Through my internship at YS Énergies Marines Développement, I was able to combine my passions and my work by contributing to the development of electricity production projects using marine currents (tidal stream turbines) and waves (wave engine).

Although this field is still in its infancy, it has the potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by using the energy of the ocean.

 Working in this innovative sector, with actors from all walks of life, allowed me to grow during my internship and to discover a career path that matches my interests.

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I am Mauna REVEIL
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Diplôme d'ingénieur généraliste
Majeure Énergie & Environnement
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