Major Sustainable Industrial design

Engineering degree (Bac+5)
2 semestres
Full time

Industrial design is a creative activity which consists of determining the formal properties of industrially manufactured objects from the point of view of both the producer and the consumer.

The industrial designer imagines all kinds of objects and implements their design, from their creation to their realization or reuse.




This program is in partnership with l'École Supérieure de Design de Troyes.

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In the rapidly changing global marketplace, due to environmental challenges as well as society's increasing demands for the development of new, more sustainable technologies (products and processes), engineers need advanced skills to create user-centered products.

The Major in Sustainable Industrial Design will provide you with the skills required for creativity and in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of new technologies and human behavior. It will enable you to formulate design responses adapted to new usage and consumption practices to meet the challenges of a sustainable industrial economy.


The goal of the Major is to prepare responsible and innovative industrial design engineers by covering the most cutting-edge technologies, ecological and economic impact, and the user experience.

Course description 


The program focuses on the user, and on the design and manufacture of sustainability-oriented product designs to meet the demands of society and industry.


In the Sustainable Industrial Design major, you will learn to develop new products for everyday use. You will develop creative, strategic and critical design thinking to ensure the commercial success of products through competitive and sustainable business models.

You will be encouraged to eco-design sustainable (clean or green), aesthetic, ergonomic, and functional products with a user-centered approach. Special emphasis is placed on product innovation and industrialization to meet the challenges of a more sustainable future.


During this major, our students develop an advanced understanding of innovative shaping processes with more eco-responsible, cleaner and safer production systems, allowing for the saving of resources, the recovery of waste and the use of alternative materials.


This Major aims to:

  • Impart industrial design and advanced design methods that will enable students to devise aesthetically pleasing and functional products
  • Exploit new technologies for the manufacture of prototypes, components, and products
  • Represent the product virtually
  • Consider the environmental impact of the product
  • Train polytechnic engineers to manage innovation and the industrialization of sustainable products.

The Major spans two academic years structured around two academic semesters and two semesters of internships.

Compulsory modules 

  • Product design
  • Circular economy
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Employability
  • Project

Compulsory modules 

  • Smart Design
  • Advanced products, materials and processes
  • Virtual design
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Sustainable innovation strategy
  • Guiding project

Real-world projects to develop your employability


Each academic semester, a “guiding project” is carried out in collaboration with a company. It allows students to put into practice the advanced knowledge required to achieve the learning objectives and to develop their skills.


The projects proposed by industrialists focus on extending the product life cycle through a production and consumption model that consists of sharing, renting, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.

Practical details

Duration of studies : 2 years 

Location : Troyes Campus

Tuition fees : 9,180 € / year 

36 students per year 

Careers & job opportunities

All sectors of activity are concerned by Industrial Design.

Design and skills such as styling, eco-design, ergonomics, user experience and industrialization can be found in all everyday products.

You will be free to explore different industries and create your own unique career path according to the areas of industrial design engineering that interest you most.

The role of a polytechnical industrial designer is becoming increasingly important in the strategy of business organisations and this function has become integrated into the organisation chart of many companies.


  • Product designer
  • Designer engineer
  • Eco-design consultant engineer
  • Designer
  • Industrial project manager
  • Creative director
  • Product & materials engineer
  • Methods and industrialization engineer


Portrait de Mahdi CHEMKHI, Enseignant Chercheur, Responsable de la plateforme Technologique de Fabrication Additive
Enseignant Chercheur, Responsable de la plateforme Technologique de Fabrication Additive
Julien G
Directeur du campus de Troyes