Major Digital Engineering Management

Engineering degree (Bac+5)
2 semestres
Full time

The Digital Engineering Management Major prepares student engineers to understand how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are integrated into the functioning of society and transform its processes. You will be prepared in four main areas: software development, data analysis and processing, information systems management and cyber security.


The objective of this major is to produce generalist engineers with the skills needed to manage and execute complex projects using ICT.


The engineers graduating from this programme are high-level computer scientists whose knowledge and expertise are perfectly adapted to the expectations of society.

You will be able to propose and carry out digital transformation projects. In addition to a certain versatility and flexibility, this major will provide you with the technical elements as well as the necessary hindsight and intellectual maturity to make you a true specialist in the IT field.


Course description 


The Major in Digital Engineering Management spans two academic years structured around two academic semesters and two semesters of internships: a student-engineer internship in Year 4 and a 'final year project' internship in Year 5.


  • In Year 4, students acquire a solid foundation in the fundamentals of digital engineering.
  • In Year 5, students choose several specialist modules that will guide them towards a career path that matches their interests.

Compulsory modules : 

  • Tools for the engineer
  • Software Engineering I
  • Development environments
  • Information systems security 
  • Tech Trends
  • Project 

Compulsory modules : 

  • Tools for the engineer
  • Software Engineering II
  • Data Science & Big Data 
  • Project 

Optional modules : 

1 optional module to be chosen from : 

  • Video games & virtual reality 
  • Artifical intelligence 

1 optional module to be chosen from : 

  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing 

1 optional module to be chosen from : 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Innovation & new technologies

Real-world projects to develop your employability


  • In Year 4, our student-engineers are introduced to agile methods through a team project conducted on the school campus.
  • In Year 5, students join an in-house innovation project team at a partner company.


Practical details


Duration of studies : 2 years

Location : Paris-Cachan Campus

Tuition fees : 9,180 € / year

108 students per year 

Careers & job opportunities

This cross-disciplinary major prepares students for support jobs in business organisations. Graduates from this course will be able to work in the sector of their choice.

  • Development 
  • Project management
  • Consultancy
  • Management
  • Data management 
  • Security
  • Technology


Co-responsable de la majeure Ingénierie & Numérique
Co-responsable de la majeure Ingénierie & Numérique