Major Sustainable Materials & Sructures

Engineering degree (Bac+5)
2 semestres

The Sustainable Materials & Structures Major offers EPF students a wide range of modules covering the study of structures in general, with more specific applications to the civil engineering and land transport sectors. This major maintains the generalist approach of EPF by preparing multidisciplinary engineers who can work in a variety of sectors of activity.

The objective of this major is to enable you as a future graduate to implement innovative technical solutions in the design of complex sustainable structures with low environmental impact.


Course Objectives

The Major in Sustainable Materials & Structures spans two academic years structured around two academic semesters and two semesters of internships: a student-engineer internship in Year 4 and a 'final year project' internship in Year 5.


At the end of this major, you will have acquired a range of technical skills, will be familiar with industrial approaches and will be open to research.


The teaching is diversified, and the highly theoretical aspects of the course are complemented by practical work in laboratories, the use of digital simulation tools, lectures, visits to industrial sites, etc.

A large part of the course is devoted to projects or case studies that place students in a professional context.

Compulsory modules : 

  • Business organizations -Professions
  • Materials sciences
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Structural modeling and simulation 
  • Project 

Optional modules : 

  • Introduction to civil engineering 
  • Introduction to transport 

Compulsory modules :

  • Business & networks
  • Advanced materials 
  • Advanced structures

Optional modules, 1 track to be chosen from : 

  • Substainable Materials ans Structures for Innovative Transport Track 
  • Substainable Materials ans Structures for Civil Engineering Track


Real-world projects to develop your employability


The projects organized during the Major are designed for you to be able to put into practice project management and teamwork methods throughout the semester, on a real-life industrial or research problem, in a group, and under professional supervision.


In Year 4, a choice of 3 themes is offered:

  • Land transport project with a system engineering approach
  • Structural project with a BIM approach
  • Materials research project in conjunction with research laboratories


In Year 5, the industrial projects carried out are related to your choice of track.



Growth sectors


Duration of studies : 2 years 

Location : Paris-Cachan Campus 

Tuition fees : 9,180 € / year

72 students per year 

Careers & job opportunities

  • Leading civil engineering, offshore or wind power structure contractors
  • Project management for infrastructure projects (road, rail)
  • Transport (design office, testing, etc.)
  • Public or private research organisations in the materials sector
  • Control and certification bodies
  • Companies involved in industrial risk management 

  • Civil engineering insfrastructure design engineer
  • Transport engineering studies engineer
  • Design or eco-design engineer
  • Materials and structures R&D engineer
  • BIM manager
  • Methods engineer
  • Project management assistance
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation engineer
  • Technical control engineer
  • Project management, risk management


Portrait de Cédric ZACCARDI
Co-responsable de la majeure Matériaux & Structures durables
Portrait de Maroua MAAROUFI
Co-responsable de la majeure Matériaux & Structures durables