International development: a first dual-degree in South America for the EPF

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

The International Development Department is expanding its partnerships in order to satisfy the requests of students in terms of mobility and increase collaborations with institutions of excellence around the world.

The EIA University (Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia) in Envigado near the city of Medellin is an engineering school that will welcome EPF students in the Engineering & Health field.


This new dual-degree allows French students to do a mobility during their two major years (including two semesters in Colombia). This path is proposed for the students in the Engineering & Health Major of the EPF.

The students have to do their PFE (end of studies project) in an EIA laboratory in Colombia. A B1 level in French, English and Spanish is required to join this course, the courses are taught in the three languages.

At the end of these five years, the students graduated from EPF and the Colombian University.

As a bilateral cooperation, the Colombian students of the EIA spend a part of their studies within the EPF, on the Parisian campus of Sceaux and soon Cachan.

 “The EPF has developed several dual degrees in North and Central America, but this new course is our first cooperation in South America. The strength of this training is its Engineering & Health specificity since the EIA has a renowned laboratory in biomedical engineering just as the EPF has a Major in Engineering & Health. Education in all three languages ​​is a fundamental asset for our students who want to spend part of their career internationally."- Stefan Seiler, Director for Global Engagement at EPF.

This new dual-degree with Colombia is a good way to train engineers capable of working in a multicultural environment.

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